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Get to know the discreet hearing aids of today

Last update on Sep, 09, 2020

When hearing aids first became available, the technology was simple and options were limited. We’ve come a long way since then. Hearing aids of today come in all shapes and sizes – and some are so discreet that they can hardly be seen at all! Our Miracle-EarMINI™ solutions include our most compact hearing aid models, allowing for advanced sound quality without excessive hardware.

Read on for answers to all your questions about the discreet hearing aids of today: compact hearing aids, nearly invisible hearing aids and in ear hearing aids, plus what to expect when wearing these types of hearing aids.

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How small are today's discreet hearing aids?

All discreet hearing aids are designed to be extremely small and virtually unnoticeable. But they do range slightly in size and fit – some are entirely invisible inside the ear, while others are slightly visible with part of the device resting behind the ear. Our discreet options include completely-in-canal hearing aids (CIC hearing aids) and receiver-in-canal hearing aids (RIC hearing aids). Making a decision between these two types will really depend on your fit preference and what feels most comfortable for day-to-day use.

The Miracle-EarMINI™ Mirage IIC is Miracle-Ear’s smallest, most discreet hearing aid available today. It has a width of 0.8 centimeters, a height of 1.1 centimeters, and a weight of just 1 gram. For reference, the diameter of a dime is about 1.79 centimeters – this hearing aid model is even smaller than that!

The Miracle-EarMINI™ RIC 10 model is also extremely hard to detect, with a width of 0.5 centimeters, a height of 2.5 centimeters and a weight of 1.25 grams. It has a clear narrow tube connecting the receiver to a slim piece of technology that rests behind the ear, where it’s out of sight and can easily blend in with your hair. Unlike the Miracle-EarMINI™ Mirage IIC, this type of hearing aid is slightly longer because it only has the receiver in the canal, rather than being entirely in the canal.

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What are the advantages of discreet hearing aids over other types?

Each hearing aid family (Discreet, Rechargeable, Connectable and Functional) has unique features that appeal to different people depending on their needs, but there are several factors that may lead you to choose discreet hearing aids.

While there’s nothing to be embarrassed about when it comes to wearing hearing aids – they help improve quality of life, after all – some people do prefer to keep them out of sight, opting for a compact hearing aid. Because discreet hearing aids sit either entirely in the ear canal or have a slim, inconspicuous profile behind the ear, they’re hard for others to see. This means friends, family and acquaintances won’t necessarily know about your hearing loss, unless you choose to discuss it with them.

People probably won’t ask you about your device either, since it won’t be obvious that you’re wearing one. If you really value privacy and want to keep the focus on you (not your hearing loss), invisible hearing aids and compact hearing aids are the perfect solution.

As a bonus, discreet hearing aids of today also use incredibly advanced sound technology, with cutting-edge precision that allows you to hear every word and sound properly. Settings can be controlled and adjusted to remove distracting background noise, while the directionality feature helps you tailor your device to fit your current environment.

You’ll also be able to enjoy Bluetooth connectivity for your smartphone and feedback cancellation, creating a seamless experience with your environment. These features will come in handy in social settings like restaurants or at gatherings, while walking through the neighborhood, and even while simply watching television from the comfort of home.

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How many discreet hearing aids does Miracle-Ear offer?

There are a variety of tiny hearing aid options within the Miracle-EarMINI™ hearing aid family, including several in-the-ear hearing aids and one RIC hearing aid. These include:

Miracle-EarMINI™ Mirage IIC
This hearing aid offers ultimate sound quality while staying out of sight.

Miracle-EarMINI™ ReadyFit™
This hearing aid provides a convenient, on-the-spot hearing solution.

Miracle-EarMINI™ CIC
This hearing aid is designed to help you enjoy conversations in any situation.

Miracle-EarMINI™ Audiotone® Pro CIC
This hearing aid offers an affordable hearing solution.

Miracle-EarMINI™ RIC 10
This hearing aid offers the benefits of a RIC hearing aid, but in an even smaller size.

How does it feel to wear discreet hearing aids?

While you may be unsure about what it will feel like to wear a hearing aid every day, discreet hearing aids are actually incredibly comfortable. Some of Miracle-Ear’s smallest products, including the in-the-ear hearing aid utilize custom-fit technology. Before receiving your new hearing device, a specialist will create a custom mold of your ear canal for a personalized device that fits your ear perfectly. This process ensures that the hearing aid will stay put comfortably all day, rendering it practically unnoticeable.

Whether or not you opt for a custom-fit model, all modern hearing aids are designed for optimal comfort. Your Miracle-Ear expert will work closely with you to make sure your device fits properly in your ear. After a few days or weeks of adjusting to your new hearing aid, chances are you won’t even think about your hearing aid when you have it on – you’ll simply enjoy the benefits of hearing all of life’s beautiful sounds. Plus, your specialist will be happy to work with you during the adjustment process if you run into any concerns. You can expect to experience all-day comfort with your discreet hearing aids.

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Discreet hearing aids are a great option

Explore the different hearing aid types and styles to learn more about the unique advantages of each one. You can also contact your local Miracle-Ear hearing center to determine which model will fit your needs. We are always happy to help assist you on each step of your hearing journey as you improve you quality of life with sound.

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