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Why is aftercare important?

Last update on Sep, 02, 2020

Why is aftercare so important? That’s a good question. At Miracle-Ear, we have the expertise and technology to keep your Miracle-Ear hearing aids in tip-top condition.* In fact, we can often prevent small issues from turning into big problems, especially when customers stop in for regular hearing aid checkups. Have any of the following situations happened to you? If so, you may be due for a follow-up appointment. 

Hearing health
During a follow-up appointment to her Miracle-Ear Center, Angela mentioned that her hearing aids seemed to be providing weak amplification. Her hearing care specialist discovered that the hearing aid microphones were partially clogged with hairspray. Other substances, including perspiration and dead skin, can cause the same issue. The Miracle-Ear specialist thoroughly cleaned each microphone, ensuring a “full-powered” listening experience.

Hearing health
After months of flawless performance, Barry’s hearing aids began to whistle. At his hearing aid follow-up appointment, the Miracle-Ear hearing care specialist noticed that Barry had lost a lot of weight. While this greatly improved Barry’s overall health, it also slightly changed the dimensions of his ears, resulting in looser fitting earmolds and “feedback” from the hearing aids. The Miracle-Ear specialist was able to modify the earmolds, restoring a precise fit — and whistle-free listening.

Hearing health
Stan worried that he needed new hearing aids, even though he had worn his current aids for only a year and a half. His annual hearing evaluation and hearing aid checkup revealed further deterioration in Stan’s hearing since he started wearing his Miracle-Ear hearing aids. Good news! The Miracle-Ear hearing care specialist was able to reprogram the hearing aids so they delivered more amplification to meet Stan’s new hearing needs.

Hearing health
Susan informed her Miracle-Ear hearing care specialist that she had just returned to her old job. “I’m on the phone a lot with clients,” she added. The Miracle-Ear specialist suggested something to make her phone conversations much easier: a GENIUSlink audio streamer. This accessory links Susan’s Bluetooth®-enabled smartphone directly with her hearing aids, allowing her to hear phone conversations in both ears. “I couldn’t be happier!” she exclaimed at her next appointment.

As these stories illustrate, an “ounce of prevention” is truly worth a “pound of cure” when it comes to protecting your investment in better hearing. If you’re due for a hearing aid follow-up appointment, call us today to schedule. Remember, it’s free! Now that you know why aftercare is so important, there’s no reason not to call. 

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Miracle-Ear®lifetime aftercare not included with hearing aids purchased utilizing some insurance benefits.

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