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Commitment to Charitable Giving

Discover more about our commitment to making hearing accessible for everyone.

Your purchase helps give free hearing aids to people in need

Miracle-Ear® is committed to the hearing health of everyone. We believe that people whose financial situations limit their access to care deserve to hear their world, too, and that's why the Miracle-Ear Foundation exists. Learn how the Foundation—with the help of Miracle-Ear customers—helps people reconnect to life around them. 

Miracle-Ear Foundation

Since it began in 1990, the Miracle-Ear Foundation has donated more than 40,000 hearing aids and brought the Gift of Sound™ to more than 21,000 people nationwide. 

Our customers are a driving force in the missions to share the Gift of Sound with as many people as possible. For every hearing aid sold, the Miracle0Ear Foundation makes a financial donation that supports giving free hearing aids to people who wouldn't otherwise be able to afford them. By choosing Miracle-Ear, you're making a difference for people in your community. 

The Gift of Sound

Not only are eligible Gift of Sound recipients fitted with free devices that are tuned to meet their specific needs, they also get the same three-year warranty as traditional customers, as well as the free aftercare that's part of the Miracle-Ear Advantage. Most importantly, underserved children and adults are able to rediscover connection with loved ones and the world around them. 

Curtis and his family

Curtis's Miracle-Ear Foundation Story

The Foundation truly does change lives and it made all the difference for Curtis and his family. When gifting Curtis his new hearing aids, his hearing care specialist Anna reported that "the excitement and joy that came over him was tears of joy! He was so happy. He clapped and clapped and clapped! It was the best day of my career."

Miracle Missions

Miracle Missions help bring the Gift of Sound to communities across the United States and Puerto Rico. Working with local stores, the Miracle-Ear Foundation identifies communities that have exceptional need for hearing care assistance and organizes one- to three-day events to serve them. Miracle Missions welcome anyone who is unable to afford hearing aids to get their hearing tested and, if their hearing loss can be treated, be fitted with new hearing aids, free of charge. Discover the magic of our Miracle Mission events and learn about how they are making a difference in local communities. 


"It is a mission where you're bringing the best experts for Miracle-Ear in to care for patients, and in one day, give not just the individuals that receive the hearing aids their life back, but you give their family members that ripple effect of all the people that are in their lives the ability to connect. It is an electric atmosphere and it's something that's so exciting" 

- Jenni Hargraves, Vice President of the Miracle-Ear Foundation, on Miracle Missions

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