Roy's Miracle-Ear Story

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An industrial engineer, Roy had hearing difficulties for several years, but didn’t try a hearing aid because he didn’t think it would actually help. Then something changed in his life.

My granddaughter was getting married, and she has a very soft voice. I wanted to be able to hear her say, ‘I do.’
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Roy scheduled a visit to a Miracle-Ear® Center, and he has been very pleased with his new hearing aids. “My hearing is greatly improved. And there is no feedback.

Now, I criticize my family for turning the TV volume up too high,” he laughs.

His Miracle-Ear hearing aids are so comfortable, he sometimes forgets to take them out at night. At other times, when lying in bed, he purposely uses just one hearing aid: “I lie on my side to watch TV in bed, and I’m able to keep the volume down and not disturb my wife at all.”

Roy found the treatment he received at Miracle-Ear to be excellent. “Everything is very professional and up front. No hidden gimmicks,” he says.

And, yes, he enjoyed his granddaughter’s wedding.

Not every person will experience the same results. Talk to your Miracle-Ear hearing consultant about your treatment options.