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Here at Miracle-Ear, we're proud to help people reach their full hearing potential every day. It's our goal to make the process as easy and enjoyable as possible. We hope you will allow us to help you hear better days!

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What to Expect at Miracle-Ear

Miracle-Ear Hearing Aids in Durham, NC

You don't have to struggle with hearing loss alone. People who want to stay connected with their friends and families find viable solutions at Miracle-Ear® every day. You can learn more about hearing aids in Durham, NC, by visiting our hearing aid center.

We’ll explain all the cutting-edge breakthroughs found in our new hearing aids with GENIUS™ Technology. You can even manage audio settings on your hearing solution with GENIUS™ Technology with a smartphone app* if you want to.

Clear Sound and Precise Control

GENIUS™ Technology coordinates audio input from multiple microphones to support you in either loud or quiet environments. Whether you're in a concert hall or your living room, you'll benefit from the high-definition audio produced by Directional Focus, Wireless Windscreen, VoiceTarget 360, and HD2Sound.

Distracting background noises will be reduced while speaking voices will be enhanced, improving your ability to participate in conversations with multiple people. Even the soft voices of children will become clearer. All of these features have made Miracle-Ear America's most recognized brand of hearing aids.

Signs of Hearing Loss

At our location, we'll perform a free hearing test** so you can learn your exact hearing loss. You could benefit from this assessment if you've been experiencing symptoms indicative of hearing loss, which include:

  • Anxiety about going to crowded venues like restaurants
  • Annoyance because you think everyone is mumbling
  • A constant ringing in the ears
  • Withdrawal from social gatherings
  • Complaints from others that your TV or radio is too loud

After your assessment, we'll explain which hearing aid models would best suit your needs. We'll also extend to you a 30-day risk-free trial period in which to evaluate your hearing aids in real-world settings.

The Miracle-Ear Experience in Durham, NC

Our hearing aid center in Durham will also be one of your sources for ongoing care if you need repairs, cleanings, or adjustments, but there are more than 1300 other locations nationwide that will also accommodate you. To find out how to alleviate hearing loss, call Miracle-Ear today and make an appointment.

Meet the Team

Max Dixon Franchise Owner/Hearing Instrument Specialist

I believe Miracle-Ear provides the very best hearing aid technology available anywhere in the world today. I also believe that we, your local Miracle-Ear Hearing Aid Center, provide the very best in sales and service for those hearing aids.

I completed my formal training, ... Read More

Profile Photo of Max - Franchise Owner/Hearing Instrument Specialist

I believe Miracle-Ear provides the very best hearing aid technology available anywhere in the world today. I also believe that we, your local Miracle-Ear Hearing Aid Center, provide the very best in sales and service for those hearing aids.

I completed my formal training, received my State License to be a Hearing Instrument Specialist and began my career in the hearing care industry in 1996 in my Dad’s Miracle-Ear business. I participate in various forms of training each year in order to maintain my knowledge of hearing aid technology and service protocols.

I have always enjoyed helping people. In fact, it is not unusual to see that I have helped people change their lives for the better by helping them to hear, understand and communicate more effectively.

I am in this practice to help everyone achieve their optimal health through better hearing. Hearing loss has an impact on the lives of many people. My goal is to always provide each and every patient with the most thorough hearing evaluation, and to find the most appropriate and effective solution to treat my patients’ hearing loss. The success that my patients achieve astounds me every day.

In 2007, I took over the ownership of the Miracle-Ear Franchise in the Durham-Chapel Hill area from my father. Our franchise territory now covers the entire area from Pittsboro to the South to Roxboro and Henderson to the North.

As an exclusive Miracle-EarĀ® provider I have built my reputation on providing excellent service and outstanding customer satisfaction. Every day I go to my office with a goal to exceed each and every patient’s expectations by improving their hearing health through personalized care and an in-depth education. It is incredibly gratifying for me to not only improve the hearing health of my patients, but to have a positive impact on the family and friends who share their life.

I was born and raised in the Durham area. I love my beautiful wife and four children, ages 15, 18, 20 and 24. They are as different as can be but they each bring great joy to me each day. I really enjoy spending time with them and with my extended family. I also enjoy my leisure time with hobbies like remote control airplanes, fishing, boating, being outdoors in general and tinkering in the shed. Life is good!


Betty F

I feel comfortable with Max and his staff. I trust them with my hearing needs. Miracle-Ear is a good product that works for me.

Kathy L

Miracle-Ear's hearing aids truly enabled our mom to hear and participate in communication with her daughter. Our time spent together is much more enjoyable!

Betty C

Max is always nice and has a real concern in helping me hear. My Miracle-Ear hearing aid helps me to hear and communicate better with my children and we are all happier.

D. Yarbrough

“Wearing a hearing aid has improved my life, I can hear! Sherwood Dixon has always been patient, readily available, and gives an excellent explanation of my needs.”

L. Adkins

“In times of hearing difficulty, I found Miracle-Ear distributor Sherwood Dixon to be a friendly and caring technician...A free trial of the new digital hearing aids was a “WOW” experience. Suddenly, I could hear birds singing, distant car sounds, voice and sounds long “lost” to me…We celebrate success in overcoming my hearing loss and I depart with the problem fixed and feeling very grateful for my person friend, my Miracle-Ear Technician, Sherwood Dixon.”
“I no longer avoid social and public events because of my hearing loss. It is great to feel whole again!”

R. Logan

“I very much wanted to get my Ham Radio License. I was having a hard time hearing the code test that I had to pass in order to get the license. I found a Miracle-Ear office a few miles from home and made an appointment. This is how I came to know Sherwood Dixon. I am happy to recommend Miracle-Ear and Sherwood Dixon, and have done so several times to those having a hearing problem…Oh yes, I did get my Ham Radio License.”

C. Harper

“Mr. Sherwood Dixon is an ideal representative. No pressure-Just a kindness and willingness to give factual information about Miracle-Ear. More than that, he has always been responsive and helpful with checking and cleaning my Hearing Aids when I call on him.”

M. Withrow

“I have worn three different hearing aids before purchasing Miracle-Ear. Never have I been so please with these (NO comparison whatsoever) as I have with Miracle-Ear…I can actually HEAR!”

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