Technology Corner: MEcontrol App

The ME control app gives you complete control of your Miracle-Ear hearing aids from your smartphone. The app offers advanced remote control options so you can change your settings and personalize your hearing devices according to your individual needs and preferences. Using the MEcontrol app you can:

  • Change the hearing program
  • Change the volume
  • Adjust the sound balance (sound and treble)
  • Adjust the tinnitus therapy signal
  • Set the directionality manually
  • Activate various system sounds
  • Set the low battery interval indicating when the app should signal that the battery level is low
  • Activate airplane mode when you’re on a plane so you can still use the remote control capabilities of the app

The app also provides a range of automatic presents that you can select for the specific listening environments, such as a coffee shop, a movie theater or an intimate conversation. It also displays your own voice activity, which allows you to monitor the improvement of your communication and speech activity while wearing your hearing aids. Th MEcontrol app even uses motion sensors vis your smartphone for the best possible hearing experience while you’re on the move.

The latest version of the MEcontrol app is available now in the Apple® App Store and Google Play™.

Pair the MEcontrol App to Your Hearing Aids

The MEcontrol app makes it easier than ever to stay connected the things you love. Watch and learn how to pair your hearing aids to the app to take advantage of all the great features.