Miracle-Ear TV streamer

Hearing aid TV streamer

TV Streamer

Listen to the TV seamlessly through your hearing aids

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Listen to the TV with your hearing aids

Miracle-Ear TV streamer

Do either of these statements sound familiar? “Turn down the TV volume!” or “Can we turn up the TV a bit?” If you or someone in your household has a hearing loss, TV volume disputes may occur on a regular basis. Our solution: TV streamer.

Hearing aid TV Bluetooth adapter 

This compact device connects to your TV and streams audio directly to Miracle-Ear hearing aids with GENIUS™ 3.0 technology. You’ll hear TV audio in high-quality Dolby Digital® stereo, at precisely the volume you prefer. And, unlike other TV listening solutions available today, there’s no need to wear a cumbersome streaming device around your neck.

Plus, the Miracle-Ear TV Streamer allows multiple GENIUS™ 3.0 wearers to simultaneously stream TV audio to their hearing aids — and everyone can set their own personal volume level.

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