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Miracle-Ear GENIUS 2.0 CIC

Custom Fit
Tinnitus Control
Feedback Cancellation

The Miracle-Ear GENIUS 2.0 CIC is a fully-programmable, digital hearing aid, custom-designed by a Miracle-Ear consultant to fit your needs and lifestyle all while fitting directly in the ear canal.

The cutting edge technology in this tiny device offers the fastest feedback reduction available and virtually eliminating embarrassing “whistling.”

Exposure to extended periods with amplified sound is managed by SoundBoost™ to give you a more natural experience at concerts or other sound-rich events.


Level of Loss Battery Size Number of Channels Compatible Apps Price
mild to severe 10 up to 48 GENIUScontrol, GENIUSlink Pricing available at your local Miracle-Ear


Colors Available


Our Highest Level of Technology. Custom Fit.

  • Sound Quality
  • Comfort
  • Understanding
  • Connectivity
GENIUS 2.0 CIC Hearing Aid

With the innovative GENIUS™ 2.0 Technology by Miracle-Ear®, listening is easier than ever before. The fully customizeable GENIUS 2.0 CIC virtually eliminates feedback and is able to isolate speech from unwanted background noise. Music Master enriches the quality of music in a variety of unique situations and preferences.

The Miracle-Ear GENIUS 2.0 CIC is designed to enable you to have better hearing than ever before, no matter the situation. Between digital noise reduction and windscreen, the device will make it easier than ever to block out unwanted noise. In addition, Intelligent Peak Smoothing and Echo Guard technology smooth out sudden loud noise and sounds that bounce off hard surfaces.

GENIUS 2.0 CIC Hearing Aid
GENIUS 2.0 CIC Hearing Aid

The GENIUS 2.0 CIC features directional microphones that are designed to detect the location of the strongest source of unwanted noise, and adapt its settings to reduce noise its impact immediately. And most impressively, this tiny device is able to do this with a single mic.

Additionally, the Speech Navigator feature allows you to manually focus on conversation that is important to you with a few taps on your smartphone app.

Better hearing at the touch of a button. Our devices seamlessly connect with your smartphone and other Bluetooth enabled devices for easy adjustments and even wireless streaming. The GENIUS 2.0 CIC comes with an iOS and Android app, an automated program to adjust amplification for new wearers, and even Bluetooth streaming capability.

GENIUS 2.0 CIC Hearing Aid

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