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Miracle-Ear GENIUS 2.0 ITE

Custom Fit
Tinnitus Control
Feedback Cancellation

The Miracle-Ear GENIUS 2.0 ITE features our newest technology, offering exceptional handling and customization to fit the outer ear. Between easy connectivity with your phone, fastest feedback reduction available and the most natural listening experience, these hearing aids are like nothing you've seen before.


Level of Loss Battery Size Number of Channels Compatible Apps Price
mild to severe 13 up to 48 GENIUScontrol, GENIUSlink Pricing available at your local Miracle-Ear


Colors Available


Our Highest Level of Technology. Custom Fit.

  • Sound Quality
  • Comfort
  • Understanding
  • Connectivity
GENIUS 2.0 ITE Hearing Aid

With the innovative GENIUS™ 2.0 Technology by Miracle-Ear®, listening is easier than ever before. The GENIUS 2.0 ITE offers a fully customizable listening experience with:

  • Extended bandwidth for a crisper, more brilliant sound
  • Frequency compression to detect sounds that may not have been heard by the human ear
  • Music Master to maximize listening enjoyment of music for a variety of preferences and situations

Comfortable, easy hearing in noisy situations is one of the biggest benefits of using the GENIUS 2.0 ITE. Our advanced technology features:

  • Digital noise reduction and Wireless Windscreen to reduce background noise anywhere you want to go
  • Echo Guard to soften the sounds that reflect off of hard surfaces
  • SoundBoost™ to manage exposure to highly amplified sound at concerts or other sound-rich events
  • Intelligent Peak Smoothing™ to minimize spontaneous loud sounds such as a plate shattering on a kitchen floor
GENIUS 2.0 ITE Hearing Aid
GENIUS 2.0 ITE Hearing Aid

Of the many advanced features developed for hearing aids in recent years, directional microphones are among the most popular. The GENIUS 2.0 ITE features an adaptive directional microphone that automatically adjusts its settings to reduce unwanted noise. The device is also designed for optimal understanding in any situation with:

  • Phone Surround to send the sound from your phone call into both hearing aids
  • Directional focus and VoiceTarget360
  • Speech isolation designed to automatically isolate sounds, giving you the best listening experience available; but you can also manually focus the microphone on the conversation that is important to you with a simple tap of screen using the free mobile app for iOS or Android

Convenience and connectivity are at the heart of Miracle-Ear GENIUS 2.0 hearing aids. The GENIUS 2.0 ITE features:

  • Data recall for your hearing care professional to make your hearing aid adjustments as precise as possible
  • iOS and Android apps to control volume, programs, and direction focus with a single touch
  • Acclimatization Manager for new wearers to automatically adjust to more appropriate amplification over time
  • Intuitive streaming from virtually any Bluetooth-enabled device with the GENIUSlink Bluetooth Audio Streamer
GENIUS 2.0 ITE Hearing Aid

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