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Ben's Franchise Story

Last update on May, 09, 2019

A young, successful Miracle-Ear® franchise owner working out of Grand Rapids, Michigan, Ben Norris enjoys the comments he receives from patients about his youthful age.

I do surprise people when they come into the office,” Norris laughs -Man, you’re young’ they say-

"From a young person’s standpoint, I think there are lots of advantages to being in this business, especially with the team of support and the tools Miracle-Ear is creating. You have a competitive advantage."

There are lots of advantages to being in this business, especially with the Miracle-Ear team of support.

A former social worker, Norris changed careers to become a Miracle-Ear franchise owner.

Why not be in the driver’s seat?” he asks. “The Miracle-Ear training has been excellent, as has the system of support."

You’re given the tools to succeed. The biggest advantage is that I can talk to others in my field with the same concerns and issues in their markets."

I’m not reinventing the wheel. I just have to duplicate patterns of success."

You’re not going to find that in any other business. You won’t find that with other independents who work with multiple brands or different manufacturers. They don’t share those tools and resources with you to really make your business grow.

Norris recommends Miracle-Ear as a career and business opportunity.

For someone who’s eager, willing to be coachable, learn through a system, and willing to duplicate a pattern of success, Miracle-Ear is going to be a great fit,” he says.

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