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Miracle-EarEASY™ BTE S 312

Comfortable solution

Discover this affordable hearing aid that meets the needs of your lifestyle.

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Miracle-EarEASY™ BTE S 312

Comfortable solution

Discover this affordable hearing aid that meets the needs of your lifestyle.

Pricing Try this hearing aid
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Ultimate hearing comfort

This BTE hearing aid sits comfortably behind the ear and provides natural sound quality.

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Everyday features

Our Audiotone Pro hearing aids offer featuers such as directional microphones, fedback cancellation and noise management.

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Simple and convenient

These essential hearing devices are very easy to handle. Your hearing care professional will show you how you can adjust the volume of your hearing aids and utilize all the fetures of the device.

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At a glance: Audiotone® Pro BTE

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0.5 cm


3 cm


2.5 g

Genius 3 RIC hearing aid in a hand

Maximum discretion

Low rating

Maximum robustness

Medium rating


Not available

Water resistance


Environment management

Not available

Noise management

Low rating

Adaptive directionality

Low rating

Miracle-Ear app

Not available

Do not apply for "unavailable" features.

  • Bluetooth: direct connection to a phone (iPhone), no connectivity accessory and connection to the TV. You can receive your calls directly in your hearing aids and listen to music.
  • Rechargeable, with lithium-ion batteries: batteries give you more than 12 hours of battery life and recharge easily during the night. You save a lot of disposable batteries.
  • Maximum discretion: the hearing aids of this reference can be worn discreetly behind or inside the ear, making them almost invisible to those around you.
  • Automatic environmental management: the ability to adapt to different listening environments allows you to hear sounds more comfortably without any action on your part. These hearing aids adapt automatically according to the evolution of the sound situation.
  • Comfort in noise: these hearing aids analyze the sounds and optimize them and allow a more pleasant listening even in noisy environments.
  • Robustness: the specific design and the fine choice of materials allow an excellent robustness and reliability of these hearing aids.
  • Adaptive Directionality: these products are able to amplify the dialogue more clearly than other sounds or voices with different origins. On some devices, you can also change the setting, which allows you to better understand the dialogue in any direction, such as in the car, where you interact with those sitting side by side or behind.
  • Water resistance: the technologies used and the built-in microphone and speaker protectors provide better protection against water, dust and other foreign matter, increasing the reliability of your devices.

Download the MEEASY™ BTE S 312 hearing aid manual.

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