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Here at Miracle-Ear, we're proud to help people reach their full hearing potential every day. It's our goal to make the process as easy and enjoyable as possible. We hope you will allow us to help you hear better days!

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Miracle-Ear Hearing Aids in Glendale, NY

If you need hearing aids in Glendale, NY, then be sure to visit your local Miracle-Ear®. Our hearing aid center proudly provides the latest in hearing aid technology and a full range of related services. Hearing tests are performed at no charge, and all hearing aid purchases include our aftercare commitment, which is a series of free services that are available to you for the life of the product.

Experience the Difference of GENIUS™ Technology

Miracle-Ear is a brand that has built its name on advancing hearing aid technology, and our newest breakthrough is a product that we take great pride in. Hearing aids with GENIUS™ Technology are available at your local Miracle-Ear hearing aid center, and these come in many different forms and style options. We’re passionate about our GENIUS™ Technology and the incredible performance it provides. They include a range of features that enhance your ability to hear details, including:

  • Directional Focus, which emphasizes the sound you focus on
  • Wireless Windscreen, which filters out unwanted noises
  • HD2Sound, which processes sound just like the human brain

True Customer Care Through Aftercare

We don’t just sell hearing aids; we build ongoing relationships with customers like you. That rapport is important because it lets us understand your individual needs and gives you the confidence to ask questions and receive the support that you require. Better yet, your aftercare isn’t limited to just your local Miracle-Ear. Wherever you are in North America, you can go to a nearby Miracle-Ear location and receive service. Aftercare services are provided at no charge and include:

  • Hearing tests
  • A review of wearing schedule
  • A review of listening experience
  • An adjustment for proper fit
  • Comprehensive cleaning
  • Battery replacement

The Miracle-Ear Experience in Glendale, NY

We want you to experience the Miracle-Ear advantage every time you visit us or one of our other over 1300 locations nationwide, and each Miracle-Ear location is independently owned and operated. Our location serves customers throughout Glendale, Brooklyn, Forest Hills, and the surrounding areas, and we have experienced hearing care specialists available to help you find the best match for your needs. Call us today to schedule your free hearing test.*

Meet the Team

Patrick Hagan Hearing Instrument Specialist

Professional Experience
I began my career in Staten Island, NY in January 2007 becoming a registered dispenser in New York State and New Jersey within 2 years. I gained experience at more than a dozen hearing aid dispensing offices within the same company. I've been Board ... Read More About Patrick Hagan

Professional Experience
I began my career in Staten Island, NY in January 2007 becoming a registered dispenser in New York State and New Jersey within 2 years. I gained experience at more than a dozen hearing aid dispensing offices within the same company. I've been Board Certified in Hearing Instrument Sciences for the past 3 years. I'm convinced Miracle Ear provides the best overall experience for first time and previous hearing aid candidates. Miracle Ear has given me the intellectual and administrative tools I need to service my patients. For this reason I've trusted Miracle Ear with my continuing professional career for the past 10 years.

I've received awards within my franchise every year for improvement in a different area every following year. I became Board Certified Hearing Instrument Sciences in 2013. I manage the day - to - day operations of the office. I've maintained more than the minimum required Continuing Education Requirements to maintain my registration as a hearing aid dispenser. I've worked with nearly a dozen recipients, minor and adult of the Gift of Sound program through the Miracle Ear Foundation. I became a NYS instructor to sponsor and take responsibility for new aspiring dispensing trainees.

Favorite Part of working with Miracle-Ear
I enjoy guiding skeptical and confident patients in their own individual and unique self-exploration of their handicap through counseling and coaching.


Daniel L. 1/31/2016

I got approved for Miracle-Ear Hearing Aids from a program I was told about, and I'm happy with it. I've had a very good experience with Miracle-Ear, and if I have a problem, I’d go to them and they’d take care of me right away.

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