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Here at Miracle-Ear, we're proud to help people reach their full hearing potential every day. It's our goal to make the process as easy and enjoyable as possible. We hope you will allow us to help you hear better days!

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What to Expect at Miracle Ear

Miracle-Ear Hearing Aids in Marianna, FL

Are you experiencing hearing loss? Miracle-Ear® is America's most recognized brand of hearing aids, and we have products to improve your hearing. Our hearing aid center in Marianna provides hearing aids featuring industry-leading technology, and we're sure we have a style that will suit your preferences. Our independently owned and operated hearing aid center is one of over 1300 locations nationwide, and our hearing care specialists will show you a solution that can enable you to experience all the pleasures of hearing again.

Great Sound

With Miracle-Ear, you'll experience cutting-edge GENIUS™ Technology. By electronically amplifying voices while canceling out extraneous noise, your hearing aid with GENIUS™ Technology will allow you to actually hear better in challenging situations than people with normal hearing. Our customers can use the GENIUSlink app* to control their devices with the touchscreen of an Apple iOS or Android smartphone. Other electronics, such as MP3 players and TVs, can connect to the hearing aids via Bluetooth®** to give the user extra control and clarity.

Lifetime Care and Support

When you visit us, we’ll provide you with a free hearing test† to determine the extent of your hearing loss. Our hearing care specialists can use this information to determine which device will work best for you. When you purchase one of our products, you'll get maintenance and service for life. During your complimentary checkups, we’ll:

  • Make any necessary adjustments
  • Inspect and test all hearing aid components for proper functioning
  • Install a fresh battery
  • Thoroughly clean your device
  • Consult with you about your usage and experience

The Miracle-Ear Experience in Marianna, FL

If conversations are becoming harder to hear than they once were, let Miracle-Ear be of assistance. Your purchase will include a 30-day risk-free trial†† so that you can learn firsthand what hearing aids in Marianna, FL can do for you. Discover and experience the Miracle-Ear advantage. Our dedicated hearing care specialists will work personally with you to fit you with a discreet, comfortable, effective device. Call or come by our location today to recover what you thought you’d lost.


Voted Best of Jackson County in 2015.

Meet the Team

Your Local Miracle-Ear Team We are here for you!

Our Miracle-Ear franchise was founded in 1998 by Duane J. Hicks. He was drawn to the ... Read More

Profile Photo of Your Local Miracle-Ear - We are here for you!

Our Miracle-Ear franchise was founded in 1998 by Duane J. Hicks. He was drawn to the opportunity because of his passion for helping people. Duane died in 2004 but his fun loving spirit lives on with our family and staff commitment by continuing to provide hearing assistance to the community. Chris and I have been called an unlikely pair - as stepmother and stepson - we have a partnership that is built on honesty and integrity. We share these core values with our staff.

As Owners/Hearing Consultants our biggest joy is delivering new hearing aids and watching the patients light up when they can communicate with their grandchildren, hear and understand the sermon on Sunday, enjoy the purring of their furry friends, and regain their ability to socialize and enjoy family and friends. Our patients are active vital individuals who don�€™t want to miss a moment of life!

We know the choice to be fit with hearing instruments is a personal and financial investment. We honor that investment by working closely with you to customize your experience to your unique hearing needs, preferences and lifestyle. This includes providing lifetime in-office service at no charge. Our staff is professionally certified each year in the latest testing techniques and patient care protocols to ensure a positive experience for you on every visit to our office. We encourage you to contact our office if you or someone you love is experiencing hearing difficulties.

Nan B. Hicks, HAS Franchise Owner, Hearing Aid Specialist

It is my pleasure to serve you as an owner and licensed Hearing Aid Specialist. I was born ... Read More

Profile Photo of Nan B. - Franchise Owner, Hearing Aid Specialist

It is my pleasure to serve you as an owner and licensed Hearing Aid Specialist. I was born and raised in Tallahassee and have spent the majority of my life in the Panhandle. I love the southern charm and hospitality that is native to our area and enjoy fostering this attitude in the way we treat patients every day.

I feel blessed to have both my parents in my life. My Mom has worn hearing aids for years and it wasn't until I became licensed as a Hearing Aid Specialist that I began to understand the challenges she faces each day. Luckily technology has greatly advanced and she now enjoys life to the fullest whether it be sharing time with family or actively (I'm talking yelling) watching the Seminoles on TV.

I hope you will give us the opportunity to provide you with a free hearing evaluation and consultation to help you understand what is going on with your hearing and what solutions and options are available.

Kathy Hauser Patient Care Coordinator

Professional Experience
Kathy has been in the role of a Patient Care ... Read More

Profile Photo of Kathy - Patient Care Coordinator

Professional Experience
Kathy has been in the role of a Patient Care Coordinator since 2012 when she joined the Miracle-Ear team.

Kathy has completed her patient care coordinator training & certification with Miracle-Ear.

Favorite Part of working with Miracle-Ear
Kathy's favorite part of working at Miracle-Ear is meeting all the people who come into the office and taking part in helping them to hear.


Lawana G., Dothan, AL

I experienced hearing difficulties for 2 years before going to the Marianna Miracle-Ear office. I wore the hearing aids before going to Miracle-Ear, but they had quit working. I started having concerns about not being able to hear at work. I went to the Marianna Miracle-Ear office and purchased new hearing aids. The purchasing process was simple and easy. The office has a friendly atmosphere and everyone in the office was very helpful. I am very pleased with my Miracle-Ear hearing aids and the service provided. I am hearing 100% better. I am more productive at work and enjoy life more. I can now understand my grandson. I would advise anyone considering purchasing hearing aids for the first time to ask questions, get a hearing test to determine where you stand, and compare pricing and technology. On a scale of 1-5, with 5 being the best, I rate my experience at Marianna Miracle-Ear a 5

Ben D., Dothan, AL

I went to the Marianna Miracle-Ear office when, after saying “huh” for a couple of years to my wife and family, they got tired of it. I had never worn hearing aids before. Price was one of my concerns. I purchased my hearing aids from Marianna Miracle-Ear. I feel I have made some friends there. Nan Hicks and her receptionist are not only pleasant but are determined to do their best to take care of my hearing problems! Thanks Nan and Kathy! Hearing aids are like dentures….they don’t belong there, but both contribute to quality of life. My Miracle-Ear hearing aids have done that for me. I would advise someone considering purchasing new hearing aids to go see Nan and Kathy at Marianna Miracle-Ear. They will take care of you. I would give my experience at Miracle-Ear a very good rating. The ladies there are winners!

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