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Here at Miracle-Ear, we're proud to help people reach their full hearing potential every day. It's our goal to make the process as easy and enjoyable as possible. We hope you will allow us to help you hear better days!

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Miracle-Ear Hearing Aids in Traverse City, MI

Miracle-Ear® offers a wide selection of hearing aids in Traverse City, MI. Our local hearing aid center is independently owned and operated, and we’re proud to be America's most recognized brand of hearing aids. We have over 1300 locations nationwide, so our experienced Hearing Care Specialists can help meet your unique hearing needs no matter what part of the country you're in.

Signs of Hearing Loss

Many of the new customers who come to us for a free hearing test* have just learned that they’ve been experiencing hearing loss for quite some time. Since hearing loss normally occurs gradually, people often adapt to that loss and never recognize the true difference. Hearing loss affects millions of Americans, and this condition isn’t limited to seniors. Signs that you may suffer from hearing loss include:

  • Constant ringing in the ears
  • Frequently asking people to repeat themselves
  • Difficulty hearing women and children
  • Trouble following conversations that involve three or more people

The Technology to Improve Your Life

One of the newest and most exciting hearing solutions we have available is GENIUS™ Technology. What makes GENIUS™ Technology a real breakthrough is that it can focus in on the conversations you want to hear. Even if you’re in a noisy crowd, it can eliminate unwanted noises and enhance your ability to recognize specific sounds. You can also control your hearing aid from your smartphone and automatically connect it to wireless audio streams through a Bluetooth® feature.

The Miracle-Ear Experience in Traverse City, MI

Our Miracle-Ear hearing center serves people throughout Traverse City and the surrounding areas. Our experienced Hearing Care Specialists will help you find the best match for your needs. More importantly, our commitment to you won’t end with a sale. We stand by our hearing aids and most of them have a three-year warranty**, we also support our customers with a number of complimentary aftercare services, including hearing aid cleaning, battery replacement, and reprogramming. Call us today to schedule an appointment.



I have had hearing problems for years and finally decided to do something about it. After researching my options, I made an appointment with Miracle Ear. Upon arrival and greeting by Patty, Lindy tested and fitted me with my current hearing aids. She assured me there would be no charge if I wasn’t completely satisfied.

It has been two years now and I get my annual phone call for a free cleaning and inspection.

I am more than satisfied with Lindy and Miracle Ear. I wish I wouldn’t have waited so long. Don’t wait, make your appointment.


What can I say? This is my second set of Miracle Ears. I up-graded my first set with ME5300 RIC. I was allowed to try them before buying. No pressure or hassle. Very satisfied. Great service before and after sale. Even came out to real world environment to make adjustments. Great office staff.


We met Lindy the first time back in 11/2011. This testimonial is about neither a product or a technician, but about how amazing it is when you put the two together.

Some years ago I had cataracts removed by an eye surgeon. I was very impressed at how well I could see; snow was actually white! I tell you this because in comparison to what happened in your T.C. shop, it minimizes the change made by the eye doctor. When I realized what I thought was impossible, had been accomplished by your technician in T.C. Today, some 3 weeks later when I think about it, I still tear up a bit. When I thought Lindy had done a good job the first time I put them in, she let me know that when she felt it was a good job, SHE would let me know! She tweaked some more and then tweaked some more, until we were both satisfied for the time being. Ten days later I was back and she tweaked some more. Today I am totally satisfied, but I imagine we may have more to learn. I feel very fortunate to have had her provide the service, with professionalism above and beyond. I can only say with gratitude and thanks to the Genius product and her knowledge of the product. I think I can hear better than I could in the third grade. I am sure my teacher would agree.

Some day I may show her what a v-pulley is. Again I can only repeat thank you, and again I say thank you both for your product and your service. Lindy took me through what I feel is an emotional experience. From my viewpoint I feel you are fortunate to have her part of your work force!!! Lindy & Patty are a team clients appreciate!

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