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Wireless windscreen: Reduce wind noise

Last update on Jun, 29, 2021

Experience relief from wind while outside

Summertime brings a host of outdoor activities, from golfing and fishing to picnicking and walking in the woods. Quite often, it also brings wind, which for hearing aid wearers can interfere with the ability to hear the speech of a companion (besides being just plain annoying!).

To make the great outdoors more enjoyable, Miracle-Ear® offers an amazing hearing aid feature called Wireless Windscreen as part of our advanced hearing aid technology, and you have to hear it to understand just how effective our wind noise reduction feature is.

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Previous technologies addressed the problem of wind interference with varying degrees of success. The biggest drawback with many wind noise reduction solutions is that they also reduce the ability to hear certain speech sounds — sounds that are critical to understanding conversation.

Wireless Windscreen does more than just block or reduce wind noise. It actually replaces the wind noise in one hearing aid with desirable sound, such as a companion’s speech, from the other hearing aid. Even more amazing, it does all this while enabling “spatial perception,” which means the ability to perceive where sound is coming from.

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