Hearing Aids: Fact and Fiction

To help you, we have separated fact from fiction in three common beliefs about hearing aids.

Do you know you need a hearing aid, but find yourself reluctant to take the next step? You are not alone; many people who would benefit from hearing aids experience this kind of hesitation, largely because of outdated or inaccurate information about what it is like to actually purchase and use them. To help you, we have separated fact from fiction in three common beliefs about hearing aids.


Hearing aids make background noises sound much too loud.


It is true that older hearing aids amplified all sounds more or less equally, which meant that background noises often sounded uncomfortably loud. However, today’s hearing aids have sensitive filters for background noise, as well as additional features like remote volume control, directional microphones, and direct-to-device sound streaming from televisions and other electronics. The result is that you only hear the sounds that are important, while the rest fade into the background where they belong.


Nearly invisible, in-the-canal hearing aids are the best ones to purchase.


It is important to remember that hearing aids are not one size fits all. There are many different types and styles of hearing aids, each designed to meet a specific set of needs, and each offering its own unique advantages and benefits. No single type of aid is objectively “the best”; rather, the best hearing aid for you will be the one that meets your individual listening needs and suits your lifestyle.


Hearing aids purchased online are just as good as ones purchased at a specialty store.


It's very important to work in person with a hearing professional during the purchase of your hearing aids. Only a qualified specialist will be able to make sure that your hearing is screened properly, that you choose the aid that is most appropriate for your needs, is fitted correctly and comfortably, and  you receive the necessary follow-up care and support. Miracle Ear is proud to provide quality service from certified hearing aid professionals at each one of its more than 1,300 locations nationwide.