How Hearing Aids Integrate with Modern Living

Hearing aids are basically little computers that sit inside your ears. They're so technologically advanced that they allow you to live your best life in today's modern world.

Our newest technology makes hearing as easy as possible in a variety of environments by combining three key technologies: digital noise reduction, directionality and amplification. This latest technology comes with several features:

Speech Isolation improves speech recognition in noisy environments by isolating the most prominent speaker from background noise and unwanted voices.

Directional Focus automatically zooms in on the conversation, reducing unwanted noise and improving speech understanding.

Music Master offers three unique settings that enrich music to your ears while performing or listening to live and recorded music.

Echo Guard creates a more pleasant experience by softening the sounds that reflect off hard surfaces, such as ceilings and walls.

Wireless Windscreen reduces wind noise automatically, allowing desired sounds to be heard more clearly.

Phone Surround automatically transmits the signal from one hearing aid to both hearing aids for easier phone listening.

GENIUSlink wirelessly connects your hearing aids to your Bluetooth®-enabled devices to hear your favorite sounds clearly.

GENIUScontrol app turns your smartphone into a remote control, allowing you to control the volume and programs on your hearing aids discreetly.


100% Rechargeable Hearing Aid Battery

Say Goodbye to Batteries

Changing batteries are a thing of the past with Miracle-Ear’s 100% rechargeable hearing aid. Our first ever built-in power cell provides 24 hours of continuous use on a single charge, allowing you the freedom to make the most of your day.

Fast: quick charge delivers long lasting performance

Hassle-free: no charging contacts to align with inductive charging

Flexibile: charging cable can be used with common power sources used almost everywhere

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