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Hearing aids for music lovers

Last update on Aug, 18, 2021

A rich listening experience

Many studies show that playing and listening to music is a great way to boost your brain health. But if you want to reap the full benefits, you need to be able to hear the music, right?

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With the latest Miracle-Ear® technology, you gain access to a full range of hearing solutions that can be customized to enhance your lifestyle. The Music Master program, for example, is an innovative solution of hearing aids for music lovers that are specially designed to deliver outstanding music fidelity and an excellent listening experience. The program features three settings for richer, fuller sound and quality.


Music Master’s “Concert” setting is ideal for listening to live music performances. Its extended dynamic range is specially designed to handle the varying fluctuations in volume at a concert for maximum enjoyment.


“Playback” delivers an experience specifically tailored to provide outstanding quality and fidelity from recorded music. It’s the perfect setting for music lovers who immerse themselves in their musical selections.


With its extended dynamic range, the “Performer” setting is specially made for musicians and singers with hearing difficulties. Wearers hear their instruments and can stay completely in tune with the music while they are on stage.

Woman playing the piano at the theatre

Enjoy the sound of music

Whether you’re a listener or a performer, don’t let your hearing loss stand between you and the joy of music. Schedule an appointment today and see just how incredible the music experience can be.

Two elderly friends playing guitar and singing together

Music: Surprising benefits for your brain

From improved sleep to increased stamina, music can have an incredible impact on brain health.   

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