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Hearing aids and relationships

Reconnect with the people you love.
Last update on Aug, 18, 2021

As we’ve learned from so many Miracle-Ear customers, hearing isn’t just about the conversations and sounds of everyday life. Hearing aids and relationships are intertwined, as regaining hearing allows you to connect with the people who are important to you—family, friends and coworkers. Can you relate to any of the following scenarios?


“My granddaughter was on video chat with me, showing off her twinkling tutu as she twirled across the living room. As she danced, she chattered excitedly about … something. I pulled the tablet screen closer to my face, but it didn’t help. Most of her words sounded like broken strings of syllables. When she asked me a question, I smiled and nodded. I didn’t have the heart to admit I couldn’t hear her sweet words.”

In small groups

“I recently met up with some old college friends for coffee. When I entered the café, I was bombarded with sounds: people chatting, beans grinding, music playing. I eventually spotted my friends and sat down. It turned out that Kathy said she had been calling my name for a while. As my friends quickly dove into the conversation, I tried to tune out the sounds of the café — easier said than done! After this experience, I was determined to do something that would get me back into the conversation with my dear friends.”

In large groups

“During our last family get-together, Uncle Joe pulled me aside to share a joke he’d been saving up just for me. If Joe and I had been alone in the room, I would’ve caught every word. But we were surrounded by at least 25 other relatives engaged in multiple conversations. Despite my attempts to read Joe’s lips and facial expressions, I had trouble following the joke — and didn’t even know when he delivered the punch line. I couldn’t tell if the look on Joe’s face was frustration or disappointment.”

In the office

“Last week during a meeting at the office, I tried to keep pace with the ping-pong of voices, but it was hard. I could hear Jeremy pretty well, but I struggled with Sarah’s voice. After Donna and her soft voice chimed in on the conference call, I simply tuned out. When Jeremy asked for my thoughts on the client’s latest request, my heart jumped. I tried to act casual as I asked him to summarize what had been said.”

Father and son laughing on a sofa

We're here to help you reconnect

Clearly, hearing loss is about much more than your ability to hear. Hearing aids and relationships are connected: Being able to fully engage with those around you means you can communicate more effectively and connect more deeply. If you’re ready to reconnect with the people who are important to you, call your nearest Miracle-Ear center today. We’ll help you take the next step!

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