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Miracle-Ear supports your business

When you join Miracle-Ear, we're here to make sure you have the tools and resources you need to succeed.

Smart business and financial tools web-based office management system customized exclusively for the Miracle-Ear brand. With this industry-leading system, we’re able to gain valuable key metrics and other information to help drive better business decisions. 

  • helps with appointment scheduling, sales and inventory management, customer relationship management, has a Quickbook Sync and much more.
  • 24/7 online ordering and payment, order history and tracking, invoice payment and account management.
  • Specialized business action plans for finance, marketing and human resources.
  • Ongoing business support from a designated Regional Business Development Manager.
  • Assistance in a variety of reporting and accounting functions including protocols, establishing pricing strategies and discounts, establishing operating expense benchmarks, conducting break-even analyses, establishing a line of credit and more.
  • Training workshops established to provide business best practices and strategies.

Amplifon Hearing Health Care referrals

Founded in 1995, Amplifon Hearing Health Care provides client referrals to your door at no cost to you. Amplifon Hearing Health Care contracts with Fortune 500 companies, insurance companies, unions, membership groups, and worker’s compensation programs to offer hearing benefits at discounted rates to their members.

As a Miracle-Ear franchise owner, you have the ability to become part of the Amplifon Hearing Health Care program with no initiation fee. This will drive incremental consumer referrals from one of the nation’s largest providers of hearing health benefits.

National marketing that works for you

There’s a reason Miracle-Ear® has been ranked the #1 franchise opportunity in health care, and #21 overall, by Entrepreneur Magazine. It’s because we at Miracle-Ear invest in the business partners who join our thriving network. And by working together, to make Miracle-Ear the nation’s premier hearing aid network, we’re all working for you.

Your business will capitalize on the most recognized name in the industry and a strong 70+ year history of service and trust.

Miracle-Ear national marketing programs deliver quality online and TV leads channeled directly to your business. A leading-edge national website as well as your own individual website pages, are designed updated and maintained on your behalf. Top of the line nurture and retention programs are already in place for your business, all you have to do is opt in.

On the local level you will have access to a dedicated marketing manager that will help with marketing planning and tracking. You’ll have access to branded in-store signage and collateral, as well as proven direct mail, newspaper and online creative.

Miracle-Ear training and education

Customer experience is what sets the Miracle-Ear® brand apart in the hearing-care marketplace. We provide every franchisee, hearing-care consultant, and front office assistant with the training needed to deliver the highest quality of service, from testing to fitting, to aftercare.

From a proprietary customer sales process to license preparation courses, you will have all the tools available to be successful.  We offer ongoing product training, and certification programs for your staff.

In addition, we offer workshops to help you understand all critical elements of operating a retail hearing business, such as:

  • Financial statements and best practices
  • Forecasting and budgeting
  • Marketing planning, tracking, and analysis
  • The Miracle-Ear Experience and customer loyalty
  • Professional development and training resources
  • Mapping and planning assistance for expansion
  • Understanding key performance indicators and how to improve management

Exclusive territory

We believe that our franchisees should be working together, supporting and helping one another, rather than competing for customers. That’s why each Miracle-Ear® franchisee has an exclusive and precisely defined geographical territory to ensure sufficient market penetration.

Once you own an exclusive territory, no other Miracle-Ear franchisee may open a location within your territory or may market into your territory.

Miracle-Ear offers ZIP code level exclusivity and the ability to grow your business into new locations to achieve full market penetration. We’ll provide information and guidance to help you decide on a location for your business. With our sophisticated mapping system we will show your target population, current customer flow, competition, key shopping areas and other useful business considerations.

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