Advanced Hearing Aid Technology

Miracle-Ear GENIUS™ 3.0 Technology

Our best technology ever

Our newest cutting-edge hearing aid technology offers direct streaming, allowing you to stay connected to the people and sounds that you love. With 60% more processing power than its predecessor, GENIUS™ 3.0 also delivers the most realistic sound quality, which means you'll hear exactly as you were meant to. And now featuring 100% rechargeability, our built-in power cell allows you the freedom to enjoy a better life.

The benefits of digital hearing aids

Hearing aids do so much more than simply help you hear. They connect you to the people and things you love: dinner with friends, music, theater, holidays with family, golf and the list goes on. We offer hearing solutions tailored to your hearing needs, lifestyle and budget.

Our GENIUS™ 3.0 technology

New GENIUS™ 3.0 technology builds on all of the great features and benefits of GENIUS™ 2.0, but now with even more to love. We’re proud to offer uncompromised sound quality, direct streaming AND rechargeability in one device. This amazing technology will make you feel more connected than ever, both to the people who are important to you as well as all the sounds that enrich your life. You’ll also experience listening so realistic and natural, you might forget you’re wearing hearing aids at all.

Rechargeable hearing aids

Free yourself from batteries with our 100% rechargeable hearing aid. The built-in power cell eliminates the hassle and cost of replacing batteries, allowing you to focus on the things that matter most in your life.

Bluetooth hearing aids

GENIUS™ 3.0 offers the only combination of direct binaural iPhone® streaming with wireless ear-to-ear communication and uncompromised sound quality, so wearers can enjoy the most natural hearing experience with top-of-the-line technological benefits. Enjoy seamless connectivity to your favorite devices, including:

  1. Smartphone
  2. TV
  3. Computer
  4. GPS
  5. Remote control

The most natural sound

With 60% more processing power than its predecessor, GENIUS™ 3.0 delivers exceptionally realistic sound quality, so you can hear the way you were meant to hear.

Learn more on our hearing aids

Hearing aids differentiate in related features, sizes and typologies. Have a look at the pages below for more info.

Miracle-Ear App

Take control of your hearing device using your smartphone. The Miracle-Ear App allows you to easily and quickly adjust the functions of your hearing aid so you can hear optimally in the most diverse situations.

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