Advanced Hearing Aid Technology

Miracle-Ear GENIUS™ 4.0 Technology

Our best technology ever

New GENIUS™ 4.0 Technology allows youto hear what matters most to them. Our new innovative technology delivers the most natural and personalized hearing experience in every situation.


A personalized listening experience

For the first time ever, your motion is taken into consideration in every situation. The motion sensor is embedded within the hearing aid to better understand the your activity. Now, when walking or running, the hearing aid itself better understands what you're doing in order to deliver the most personalized hearing experience.

In addition, our next-generation acoustic sensors analyze more input than previous technology and provide better situational awareness without compromising sound quality of speech. The acoustic sensors understand and adapt to your environment to deliver the most personalized hearing experience.

Our intuitive sound processing adjusts to find the optimal balance between sounds in front of and all around you.  It responds to the your movements and changes in your environment to deliver natural sound and speech from any direction, in any situation.

Finally, Miracle-Ear voice recognition technology optimizes your voice to provide the most natural and pleasant sound.

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The benefits of digital hearing aids

Hearing aids do so much more than simply help you hear. They connect you to the people and things you love: dinner with friends, music, theater, holidays with family, golf and the list goes on. We offer hearing solutions tailored to your hearing needs, lifestyle and budget.

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