Bluetooth Hearing Aids

What Can I Do With Bluetooth Hearing Aids?

With Bluetooth hearing aids, you can do a lot of really cool things to make the most out of your relationships, stay productive at work and have fun during your downtime. Hearing aids with Bluetooth allow you to hear your best while you:

  • Watch TV
  • Talk on your smartphone
  • Listen to music
  • Use your favorite apps (ex. FaceTime, Pandora, GPS)

What is Bluetooth?

Wireless communication is so common today that we don't think much about it. That doesn't mean it's any less valuable! Bluetooth is a radio-wave technology designed to communicate over short distances. It's a simple way for cell phones, printers, PCs, digital cameras, and other gadgets (like hearing aids) to link together over relatively short distances using wireless technology.

How Do Bluetooth Hearing Aids Work?

Pair your hearing aids to other Bluetooth-enabled devices, and you can stream sound from your TV, phone or computer directly to your hearing aid—no intermediary device needed. With Bluetooth hearing aids, you can easily listen to your favorite tunes while jogging or hear your grandkids giggle on FaceTime.

What Devices Can Be Paired With Them?

Many Bluetooth-enabled devices can sync up to your Bluetooth hearing aid, including:

  • TV
  • Computer
  • Smartphone
  • Tablet
  • GPS
  • MP3 player

You can also connect your Bluetooth hearing aids to multiple devices, and switch over when need be. For example, you can switch over to your cell phone if it rings while watching TV.

What Are The Benefits of Bluetooth Hearing Aids?

Hearing aids with Bluetooth can create a truly seamless experience with yourt other technology. Some benefits include:

  • Remote control of your hearing aid programs and settings
  • A personalized listening experience based on your environment
  • Ability to easily switch between multiple connected devices
  • Standard protocol means uniformity of functionality across devices
  • Ultimate discretion - people won't know you're even wearing hearing aids!

In today’s digital world, Bluetooth hearing aids empower you to hear—and enjoy—modern life to the fullest.

Miracle-Ear Hearing Aid App

Miracle-Ear App

The Miracle-Ear App allows you to easily and quickly adjust the functions of your hearing aid so you can hear optimally in the most diverse situations. In addition, you can receive real-time data on your daily use and quickly access imformation about maintinging your hearing aid.

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