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Introducing sleek, modern design that looks as good as it sounds. This isn’t a traditional hearing aid; it’s the latest in hearing aid technology – impossibly discreet with the most natural sound. Plus a built-in power source and portable charger for convenient charging on the go.

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LI Rechargeable BTE

Our first ever fully rechargeable BTE delivers the most advanced hearing performanceo of any GENIUS™ 3.0 BTE. This new solution provides the most natural sound quality and is fully rechargeable. Long-lasting performance, sophisticated connectivity and a compact design offer a high level of wearing comfort all day long.

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The Mini RIC is our smallest and most discreet receiver-in-canal solution. Benefit from remote control functions and controls vis the GENIUScontrol app, Speech Isolation for easy listening and Wireless Windscreen to reduce the sound of noise and wind when you're outdoors.

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ReadyFit CIC

The ReadyFit CIC hearing aid is ideal for individuals looking for a comfortable and discreet on-the-spot solution without sacrificing top-of-the-line quality. As one of the smallest hearing aids available, ReadyFit is nearly invisible and provides a precise fit for every individual.

Product details

The new GENIUS™ 3.0 BTE recognizes and adjusts your voice and the surrounding sounds, providing the most natural own voice and best speech understanding in noise. Bluetooth-based direct streaming and the MEcontrol app offer enhanced connectivity.

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