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Last update on Jun, 02, 2021

Gone are the days of uncomfortable hearing aids that don’t match your lifestyle. With Miracle-Ear’s line of discreet hearing aids, there is a sleek and unobtrusive hearing aid for every need, budget, and comfort level. Our stylish hearing aids are perfect for anyone who doesn’t want their hearing aid to compete with their personal style, and our custom fit designs ensure maximum comfort and durability. 

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ITE hearing aids: Nearly invisible

Miracle-Ear has a number of stylish hearing aid styles to choose from, with varying levels of technology to meet your needs while looking your best. Our In-the-Ear (ITE) hearing aids are our most discreet hearing aid models and are designed with your active lifestyle in mind.

The ITE hearing aids are custom-made to fit the mold of your ear, so they stay snugly in place in the ear canal all day regardless of your activity level. This model is the perfect choice if you are looking for a hearing aid that is virtually undetectable and stays in place even when you don’t. ITE hearing aids allow you the luxury of never having to worry about how your hearing aid looks with a certain outfit, because virtually no one will know it's there. 

RIC hearing aids: Sleek and stylish

Looking for a more classic Behind-the-Ear hearing aid look, but you want an understated, inconspicuous model? Try our Miracle-EarENERGY™ iRIC R hearing aid for a stylish, restrained look. Our iRIC R hearing aid’s small and sleek design gives you many of the benefits of classic BTE hearing aids, but the iRIC R’s compact body and slim build makes it a great choice if you prefer a more subdued model. In addition to having a smaller body, the iRIC R hearing aid uses a small, thin electrical wire instead of the traditional ear hook or plastic tubing you'd find in a BTE model, which makes for a stylish hearing aid that maintains the focus on you.

In addition to generally being a bit slimmer than BTE hearing aids, thanks to the custom fitted speaker that sits perfectly in the ear canal, RIC hearing aids boast some amazing sound quality and one of the most natural sound experiences available. Another major benefit of the hearing aid’s speaker being placed at a distance from the microphone is that it cuts back on one of the most common problems facing hearing aid wearers today: noisy feedback. Find out more about the differences you can expect when you compare RIC versus BTE hearing aids

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Hearing aid style meets the performance

There's no reason to think that a slimmer hearing aid means you need to skimp on features, either. The iRIC R hearing aids feature Bluetooth technology, so connecting to your tech has never been easier. Bluetooth allows your compatible devices to connect with each other over short distances without any pesky wires. Our iRIC R hearing aids are perfect for working from home, watching TV, or streaming your favorite music. You can even personalize the volume level on your hearing aid while connected to your TV or phone, so you can choose the volume setting that is most comfortable for you when enjoying movie night with your family.

You don’t have to choose the iRIC R hearing aid to reap the benefits of cutting-edge features, either. Our ITE hearing aids also offer a number advanced technologies, and at a number of price points. You can find the right ITE solution for you or your loved one on virtually any budget. We offer both ITE and RIC hearinga aids that are equipped with our noise reduction feature that allows you to focus in on what sounds are important to you and cuts back on irritating background noise, which allows you to transition seamlessly between environments regardless of the level of noise. 

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Hear without giving up your style

Interested in one of our stylish and inconspicuous hearing aids? Check out Miracle-Ear's full line of hearing aids for more styles, information, and the latest in hearing aid technology. Discover the benefits to take advantage of at your next Miracle-Ear appointment.

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