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Here at Miracle-Ear, we're proud to help people reach their full hearing potential every day. It's our goal to make the process as easy and enjoyable as possible. We hope you will allow us to help you hear better days!

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What to Expect at Miracle-Ear

Miracle-Ear Hearing Aids in Lacey, WA

If you're looking for hearing aids in Lacey, WA, find out how Miracle-Ear® can help you. Miracle-Ear is America's most recognized brand of hearing aid. We’ll help you choose the right style of hearing aid for your needs, and we’ll provide you with ongoing care to keep your hearing aid working properly.

Don't Wait to Get Help

It’s important to come in for a hearing test at the first sign of problems. Hearing loss can set in gradually over the span of several years, and it takes people an average of seven years to seek help. Many people believe that there’s simply nothing that can be done about hearing loss, but that's not entirely true. We’re able to treat mild to severe hearing loss, and we’ll provide you with great service along the way.

What to Watch For

When you know the warning signs of hearing loss, it’s easy to ask for help. Some indicators, like a constant ringing in the ears, are quite easy to recognize and can point to serious problems. However, most other warning signs are far more subtle, and many people simply overlook them. Some signs of hearing loss include:

  • Asking people to repeat themselves
  • Becoming frustrated because the people around you are difficult to understand
  • Wanting to withdraw from social activities rather than struggling to hear people
  • Feeling nervous about meeting new people

If these symptoms are a regular part of your life, then you should schedule an appointment and request assistance. We have several different hearing aid models available, and we'll make it easy for you to find a hearing solution that suits your needs and lifestyle.

The Miracle-Ear Experience in Lacey, WA

Our hearing aid center offers state-of-the-art solutions, including hearing aids with GENIUS™ Technology. We’ve worked with people throughout Lacey, and we’re looking forward to assisting you. Miracle-Ear offers free hearing test*, ongoing maintenance services, and reliable repairs. Our goal will be to help you improve your hearing and quality of life. Give us a call today to learn more about our services, and see how we can help you hear more clearly.

Meet the Team

Lonnie Bowling, "Gene" Owner/Hearing Aid Specialist, BC-HIS

Professional Experience
I have twenty years of experience as a Board ... Read More

Profile Photo of Lonnie  - Owner/Hearing Aid Specialist, BC-HIS

Professional Experience
I have twenty years of experience as a Board Certified Hearing Instrument Specialist. In 2015, I acquired the Miracle-Ear franchise for Thurston County and continue to enjoy working on a daily basis in our Lacey office. From 1998 to 2015, I served as a Board Certified Hearing Aid Specialist at this same location.

Board Certified, Hearing Instrument Specialist

Favorite Part of working with Miracle-Ear
I enjoy the relationship that I have with our patients and being able to help them hear their friends and family.

Doreen Keator BC-HIS Hearing Instrument Sciences

Professional Experience
Hearing Instrument Sciences, BC-HIS

... Read More

Profile Photo of Doreen - BC-HIS Hearing Instrument Sciences

Professional Experience
Hearing Instrument Sciences, BC-HIS

With over 25 years of experience, I can help my patients dramatically improve their lives through better hearing

Favorite Part of working with Miracle-Ear
I enjoy meeting new patients and hearing the life stories that they share with me. Just as much, I enjoy the relationship that I have with my patients and hearing about what is happening in their lives. Seeing the look on my patient�€™s faces when they are fit with new hearing aids gives me great satisfaction and joy.

Robin Schroeder Certified Miracle-Ear Front Office Associate

Professional Experience
I have worked for Miracle-Ear for eleven ... Read More

Profile Photo of Robin - Certified Miracle-Ear Front Office Associate

Professional Experience
I have worked for Miracle-Ear for eleven years. After intensive training I earned my certificate as a Certified Miracle-Ear Front Office Associate. I manage the day to day operations of the office.

Favorite Part of working with Miracle-Ear
I love working for Miracle-Ear because I see firsthand what Miracle-Ear hearing aids do for our patients. Our Specialists are the best �€“ dedicated, compassionate, and talented. The combination of outstanding Board-Certified Hearing Aid Specialists and our amazing Miracle-Ear hearing aids make the service that we provide unbeatable.

Time and again, I see patients�€™ lives transformed when they wear their new Miracle-Ear hearing aids. My greatest satisfaction is in seeing our patients being able to carry on normal conversations, hear the frogs croak and the birds chirp; and, the voice of their grandchildren and their spouses.


Sharon B.

I have worked with the Miracle-Ear staff for a few years. I have found them very professional, caring, knowledge and helpful in every way.

Alan S.

I am so pleased with my Miracle-Ear hearing aids. I've had previous sets from other companies, but these are the crème-de-la-crème! Others I had fit poorly, caused irritation or were just cumbersome to work with. Absolutely no problems with these! Thank you, Gene.

William S

I am 71 yrs old and very active. There are quite a few things I love about my new hearing aids. I love how I can control my hearing aids from the app. on my phone it's very convenient. I am an avid skier and I really like the fact that I don't hear the wind noise in my hearing aids or from the helmet...I can be going 50 mph and not hear it. Another great feature of the hearing aids is the directional portion...I can be at a party and hear the person in front of me even though there is all kinds of background noise. Lastly if I am watching television with a friend I really enjoy the fact that I can adjust the volume on my hearing aids without bothering my friend.

D. Midles

I was fit with new Miracle-Ear hearing aids in June 2017. These are the best qualify, natural sounding hearing aids I have ever had. I have been working with the Miracle-Ear in Lacey for the past ten years and have always been treated with outstanding service

P. Skelley

The hearing aids that I got from Miracle-Ear are truly remarkable. They work! I can hear very well. I can adjust them to match circumstances as needed. In short A Miracle. A heartfelt thank you for their excellent product. A heartfelt thank you to Gene and Robin for their excellent service, compassion and attention to my needs. I can hear again!

R. Lovelace

My new hearing aids from Miracle-Ear have made a world of difference. I can now converse with folks easily, and I also can enjoy the birds singing in the early morning. Thank you for making my world a lot more pleasant.

A.B. Aho.

I am 91 years old and have worn many different brands of hearing aids in my 51 years' experience wearing hearing aids. In certainly recommend the Genius RIC as the very best hearing aids I have ever had.

J. Rossie, Lakewood, WA

I have been with Miracle-Ear for almost five years, having my first appointment with Doreen in March 2012. The service and products I have received from them in this time have been outstanding, and I have referred my friends to them for their needs, and will continue to do so. The nature of my work has made scheduling my appointments sometimes difficult, but Robin has taken care of everything needed with utmost efficiency. Thanks to Miracle-Ear, Doreen and Robin for helping me through this, you are greatly appreciated!

M. Simons, Tumwater, WA

If you have a hearing problem, like I do, Miracle-Ear is where you should go. They have been a great partner of mine since I got my first hearing aids. Everyone at the office is great to work with and very helpful. Thank you for being so helpful.

L. Gregory, Tumwater, WA

I've had Miracle-Ear hearing aids for over 20 years. And every time I get new ones, they are better than the last ones. I now have the Genius System and they are hands down the very best ever. The initial programming was flawless. I don't remember what normal hearing is like but Genius probably has my hearing very close to it. As for the Lacey staff, they are a great group to be associated with. There's Gene who always has a friendly hello, Robin who greets with a great big smile and an offer of a cup of coffee, and lastly, Doreen who is so thorough, patient and conscientious.

Kendal K., Olympia, WA

My name is Kendal Keating and I am in love with my new Miracle-Ear Hearing Aids. A friend told me that Miracle-Ear is the best so I decided to try them.  The care is passionate, attentive, and so personal!  Another testimony all together! I have worn hearing aids for 7 years now and had the top of the line from another company.  The difference is astounding. Just amazing!  Hearing loss is no fun but to have aids that help is miraculous.  And then to be a  ble to hear better now than most is….well FUN! Thank you, Miracle-Ear.

Barbara E., Olympia, WA

My Miracle-Ear hearing aids have changed my life. I no longer fake it and pretend to understand. Now that I can hear and understand, I enjoy my retirement so much. My husband doesn’t get frustrated with me anymore and leave the room. That no longer happens. I don’t have to ask, “What did you say; or “I didn’t hear that. I have lived with hearing loss all of my life and didn’t realize how bad it was until it was corrected.  No wonder my kids made fun of me. No More! The first day that I received my Miracle-Ear hearing aids, I was hearing so well that I cried. I heard sounds that I had never heard before. Gene Bowling at the Lacey Miracle-Ear Center is my Hearing Specialist. He is “so stinkin’ good!”  He tunes your hearing aids like a piano tuner tunes a piano.

Jane C., Lacey, WA

I have been wearing hearing aids since I was a sophomore in high school. These Miracle Ear hearing aids are absolutely wonderful…I am hearing sounds I have never heard before like my stomach growling J The service is wonderful and Gene is very knowledgeable about the hearing aids and knows exactly how to fix them if need be. I am very satisfied with Miracle Ear’s products and service.

J. Brannin, Olympia, WA

Top qualify product and super service by people that care.

Charles B., Olympia, WA

Miracle-Ear lifted my hearing from hearing certain sounds that I wanted to hear but couldn't because of my hearing loss.  My wife is so happy that I got these hearing aids so she doesn't have to repeat herself again and again.  The nature noises that I never knew like birds signing, squirrels chirping and the list keeps going.  These hearing aids have changed my whole outlook in life and surroundings ? all the things I was missing.  The sounds are beautiful and clear.  Sometimes it gets so noisy I have to go indoors to get away from the noise outside. A Big Thank You.

Perry B., Lacey, WA

Great!  I hear words, not just voices, in almost any situation.  Background sound no longer makes it necessary to guess at much of what is being said to me.  Noisy restaurants or poor acoustics are not as troublesome.  I don't need a headset to listen to the TV.  This is the best I have heard in years?. With one big advantage?. I can turn them Off... if I don't like what I am hearing.  Thanks

Ann M., Olympia, WA.

Greetings Gene and Robin:  I wish to thank you both for your outstanding service.  Robin, always, whenever I have an appointment, you greet me with a beautiful smile, kind words and enthusiasm. You have worked tirelessly on many occasions to make those adjustments and to teach me how to use those wonderful aids. The atmosphere in your office is homey and relaxed.  Everyone takes the time to be kind and chat a little.  This means a lot to all customers and especially seniors.  The coffee you serve is awesome.  Here's kudos to a great product and fantastic service.

Doreen H., Olympia, WA.

I've been with Miracle-Ear for a little over 5 years and have always enjoyed my visits with Gene. He is a patient, helpful and always happy to see me and spent the time to explain everything to me so that I understood and could correct my problems myself. It's wonderful!  I can now hear on the phone by changing the audio on my control. On TV, I find that I can understand the voices so much better when I use my control

Joe W.,Yelm, WA.

There is so much that people take for granted when they hear.  But, to me all the sounds are new now with my new Miracle-Ear hearing aids.  I am hearing stuff that I haven't heard in 20 years.  The difference is like "night and day" with these hearing aids ? like "light switch" different.  I can hear the frogs now and I haven't heard those in 20 years.  I was told by a different hearing aid guy that I would never hear the frogs and birds again.  Well, I got news for him!!  You guys don't even realize what you're on to!

John K., Lacey, WA.

Regarding Miracle-Ear's new ClearVation hearing aids?. My hearing loss is severe.  This means my hearing range is very narrow.  It took a few visits to fine tune the aids as my brain adjusted to the new sounds.  These Miracle-Ear hearing aids are more comfortable to wear and sounds are more normal than with my previous hearing aids.  Sharp, loud noises no longer bother me.  The hearing aids work very well with the telephone because of the telephone coil.

F.H. Bishop, Lacey, WA

I purchased Miracle-Ear ClearVation hearing in 2013.  I am well pleased with the aids; sounds are clearer and I hear much better, especially in a loud atmosphere.  They are comfortable to wear.  Also, I notice that the television can now be set at a much lower volume.  I appreciate the good, courteous service when having them adjusted for my hearing level. Thank you.

Mike R., Olympia, WA

My new Miracle Ear hearing aids are not just good, great or fantastic. Nothing describes the feeling you get when you can finally hear.  These hearing aids are by far the best hearing aids I have ever had.  I have worn analog and digital hearing aids.  The leap in technology is amazing.  Analog to Digital, there was some improvement, but they still tended to amplify sounds I didn't want to hear and couldn't be adjusted right for hearing all the sounds I wanted to hear.  I couldn't believe the difference these new hearing aids made.  The difference is like comparing a Model T Ford to a 2013 Lamborghini race car.  They are so comfortable; I forget that I have hearing aids.  With my old hearing aids, I couldn't wear them all day.  Now I wear both aids all day, every day.

Larry A., Olympia, WA

Out of all the hearing aids I've had this is the best one I've ever had!  I haven't had any problems with it. When I'm in a crowd I don't have the issues with background noise any longer and I can understand what people are saying to me now without having them repeat for the first time in years. I can't say enough good things about them.

Les S., Olympia, WA

This note is to compliment you and the staff for the high level of service provided, since I first purchased a set of Miracle-Ear hearing aids on 8/10/2005. The new model has improved my quality of living, and I especially like the lack of background noise, plus the capability of adjusting the sound level to the environment, i.e.  driving, television, and concerts or in crowds. A quality product without quality service is just another product!!! I again thank you for the exceptional service and quality product.

Joe F., Lacey, WA

It is absolutely astounding that there could be such a huge difference between my old aids and my new Miracle-Ear aids.  My old aids seemed to amplify all the background noise, along with the sounds I needed louder, so I heard nothing well. When I first walked outside with my new aids, I thought they must not be working as everything was so much quieter.  And yet, I was still able to hear voices clearly, the music from the car radio and the click of my turn signals without the loud car noises.  My new aids do not squeal when I wear ear muffs while running power equipment and do not hiss in the wind.  They are also so comfortable that I forget I have them on.  My wife says that the new aids are much less noticeable than my old ones, that I now keep the volume of the radio in the car and the TV at a much more normal level, and that when I ask her to repeat herself it is not because I don't hear her, but that I'm not listening. (Oops). It is truly as if I have a new set of ears. Thank you so much for all of your help.

Jack M., Olympia, WA

Since being fitted with the new hearing aids, I am feeling much more comfortable when dining out and spending time with family.  I can now carry on a conversation with a waitress or my young nieces without worrying about background noise interference.  I am also able to converse with passengers in my car, even when they have the radio on. The computerized equipment used for assessing the proper volume and frequencies needed is completely amazing.  The staff who work with me at the Lacey Center have been extremely helpful and thoughtful, as well as very professional. I am now wearing my new hearing aids on a daily basis, where, prior to the new ones, I would leave home without my aids because I did not want to fight the background noise. The new units are helping me cope with daily routine, and I rarely have to ask my customers to repeat their communication anymore. Thank you Miracle-Ear!!!

John M., Olympia, WA

What convinced me to try Miracle-Ear was the three month return policy with no questions asked.  Thus, with a morning to waste and expecting the worst, I scheduled an appointment.  I was tested and a set was "tuned" to my specific hearing deficiencies. I was pleasantly surprised. The follow up was superb and critical to successful wearing of hearing aids. I found that the fine tuning was more like a physical therapist;  it takes practice to wear them successfully.

Ray V., Lacey, WA

I have had three other pairs of hearing aids and none compare to the latest ones (Miracle-Ear digital).  I have never before been able to hear like I do with these hearing aids. I can hear people talking to me with major background noise.  I can drive my diesel truck without the noise bothering me as it is baffled out. These new hearing aids are incredible and I would recommend them to anyone.

Tim T., Olympia, WA

A year ago, I purchased Miracle-Ear hearing aids.  For 30 years, I struggled.  Friends and family were frustrated by having to repeat themselves. I missed information in meetings at work and the punchline while at the movies.  I spent most of my energy on trying to hear rather than focused on listening.  I now find myself enjoying situations I previously avoided and engaging in life at a new level. I appreciate the support that I continue to receive from the Lacey Miracle-Ear staff.

S. Donald, Olympia, WA

Gene spent a very long time with me, making sure everything about my hearing aids was set up to work in the absolute best possible manner. He went above and beyond to ensure everything was to my utmost satisfaction.  In the end, these hearing aids work better than I ever could have imagined. I still have two appointments in the upcoming weeks for fine tuning. I can't even imagine what to expect, as they already work so well! I have suffered from profound hearing loss for many, many years, and this entire experience has given me more than I ever thought was possible. They truly are a "Miracle Ear. .

Frank V.H., Lacey, WA

While it's fresh in my mind I want to give you a run down on my hearing improvement for the first 24 hours. Yesterday, while you were explaining their operation, I activated #2 "Noisy Room" mode. They immediately filtered out the loud voice coming from your outer office. When I got into our Toyota Prius and started to back up, I was kind of startled by the loudness of the back-up alarm. When I turned on the TV to watch the news last night I activated the #3 "TV mode. I was then able to reduce the volume on the TV from the low 90's setting down the mid 60's. (Janice asked me to turn up the volume so that she could hear it better!). After supper I walked the dog and hear the leaves crackling under his paws and birds singing. I hadn't heard those sounds in a long time.This morning I drove my truck and could actually hear the directional indicator when I signaled a turn. Hopefully, Janice will no longer have to tell me to turn off the "geezer light" - 

Floyd &  Doris

The appointment was timely. The receptionist was extra nice. Damon refit and cleaned Doris's hearing aid. And my hearing test went well there were no changes. He explained a lot to us about our hearing loss. 

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