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Miracle-Ear Foundation Top Contributors

Published on Apr, 19, 2021

We are proud to announce Trina Atchley, a hearing care professional, and Alex Higgins, front office assistant, from Kirksville, Mo., as our Top Provider Team for 2020. In 2020, gave the Gift of Sound to the largest amount of qualifying patients. They gifted 24 people in need and raised more than $600 for  in for the Gift of Sound™ program. Atchley and Higgins received the honor via video at Miracle-Ear’s annual convention, held virtually on March 3.

“Any person that is across the table from me that has a hearing loss, my goal is to help them,” said Atchley. “Whether they’re paying me $150 or $7,000 my philosophy is that everyone hears, and that’s how we roll in this office.” 

We recognize the previous year’s top provider annually at the Miracle-Ear Convention. Atchley and Higgins were named the Top Provider Team out of 725 hearing care professionals nationwide who gave the Gift of Sound through the Miracle-Ear Foundation in 2020. Atchley and Higgin’s impressive 24 fittings contributed to an overall 2,001 Foundation fittings last year. 

“It just feels good that we’re that top store because I know that Trina works very hard to get everyone to be able to hear,” said Higgins. “We’re just asking every patient that we can for anything that helps - $1, $5, any donation that they can do will go towards someone’s hearing.”

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