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Somerset 2021 Gift of Sound Fundraiser

Published on Jul, 15, 2021

Miracle-Ear in Somerset, PA hosted a cornhole tournament and raised over $2,000 to support the Miracle-Ear Foundation’s Gift of Sound program! The Somerset Miracle-Ear store is owned by Julie McKelvey, who owns 34 Miracle-Ear stores across Pennsylvania and is a Miracle-Ear Foundation board member. This is not the first time McKelvey and her team have been inspired to raise funds for those who cannot afford hearing aids on their own. 

On June 5th, Julie ventured out on her third Summit for Sound expedition climbing Mt. Denali, the highest mountain peak in North America, as a way to raise funds for the Miracle-Ear Foundation. She has already collected over $30,000 on this third trek, which will allow hundreds of patients to receive the Gift of Sound and a lifetime of follow-up services at no cost. 

Somerset Fundraiser team

“My whole idea is anybody that comes in [to Miracle-Ear], we need to be able to help them, whether they can afford it or not,” Julie said.

In 2018, Julie climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, East Africa (19,341 feet) and raised $56,000 – providing hundreds of hearing aids to those in need. In total, she plans to climb the seven highest summits on each continent in the world to raise money for the Gift of Sound. 

“I’m so impressed with Julie’s continued, personal commitment to taking the Gift of Sound beyond her store’s walls,” said Jenni Hargraves, vice president of the Miracle-Ear Foundation. “The Miracle-Ear network is so lucky to have compassionate individuals like Julie and her team who empower us to do what we do every day – provide the gift of sound to those who need it most.” 

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