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Inexpensive hearing aids for any budget

Last update on Apr, 08, 2021

Finding reasonably priced hearing aids can be a difficult task – the average hearing aid ranges from $1,000 to $4,000. But with Miracle-EarEASY™ hearing aid technology, living with hearing loss doesn’t have to cost a fortune.

The Miracle-EarEASY™ category offers relatively inexpensive hearing aids without sacrificing quality. These modern devices have essential features that make living with hearing loss easier than ever. Read on to learn about the benefits of Miracle-Ear’s best reasonably priced hearing aids, explore available models and discover financing options.

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Why do hearing aids cost so much?

It’s no secret: hearing aids are not cheap. The average hearing aid price falls between $1,000 to $4,000. But, breaking down these dollars, their cost is more reasonable than it may seem at first glance.

About hearing aid cost

What are the features of Miracle-EarEASY™ devices?

Our most inexpensive hearing aids, Miracle-EarEASY™ solutions, are suited to your needs. In addition to being cost effective, Miracle-Ear’s functional devices feature advanced technology. Directional microphones, feedback cancellation and speech and noise management help clarify the sounds you want to hear while reducing the ones you don’t.

These reasonably priced hearing aids are comfortable and lightweight, giving you the freedom to hear a range of sounds with ease. They can also be custom-molded to fit directly in your ear canal or behind your ear, depending on your preference. Miracle-Ear’s inexpensive hearing aids are also simple to use, with volume that can be adjusted according to your comfort level. Our hearing care professionals are available to help you understand and effectively use the features of your device as well. With free lifetime service and aftercare, they’ll always be ready to assist, making sure your hearing aid keeps up with you.

What hearing aid options are available?

While there are many hearing aid types to choose from, Miracle-EarEASY™ products are some of the best inexpensive hearing aids on the market. By combining comfort with superior sound quality, these devices offer a functional hearing solution perfect for every day. Both RIC (receiver-in-canal) and BTE (behind-the-ear) models are available.

Two popular devices include:

This discreet hearing solution offers great sound quality. Weighing only 2 grams, the nearly invisible device is 0.7 cm wide and 2.5 cm tall. With a robust design and materials, the Miracle-EarEASY™ RIC 312 hearing aids are reliable and sit comfortably in your ear canal. Valuable features like adaptive directionality and automatic environmental management help users adapt to ever-changing environments. Miracle-Ear RIC hearing aid devices also come equipped with rechargeable lithium-ion batteries that last up to 12 hours on a single charge, allowing you to navigate your day with no interruptions.

This powerful hearing solution is suited for all levels of loss, even severe hearing loss. The 2.5-gram device is 0.7 cm wide and 3 cm tall, resting comfortably behind the ear. Its larger size means it can hold larger batteries, resulting in longer battery life with each charge. The Miracle-EarEASY™ BTE S 312 is constructed with the same high-quality materials as other Miracle-Ear hearing aid devices. Behind-the-ear models are also less susceptible to contaminants like moisture and wax, making them a great investment.

Other hearing aids in this category:

This device offers maximum comfort and exceptional sound quality.

This is an extremely powerful solution for those with severe hearing loss.

This powerful hearing solution offers comfort and essential features. 

This device has everyday features to fit your lifestyle.
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Experience a new way of hearing

Start hearing again: discover the hearing aid solution that works best for you.

Miracle-EarEASY™ offers competitively inexpensive hearing solutions

While hearing aids improve hearing, they’re also an important investment for overall health. Your ears are an essential part of everyday life. They help you do things you love, like listening to music, conversing with loved ones and appreciating everyday sounds. Some additional benefits of wearing hearing aids include more positive and satisfying relationships, improved job performance, higher earning potential, reduced anxiety and increased confidence. They’re even linked to a reduced risk of dementia. Investing in a Miracle-EarEASY™ hearing aid device gives you all these benefits at an affordable price.

Did you know?
Out of 48 million Americans experiencing hearing loss, nearly 75% put off getting help.

Out of 48 million Americans experiencing hearing loss, nearly 75% put off getting help, largely due to lack of insurance or lack of access. However, Miracle-Ear hearing care professionals can work with you to find hearing solutions that fit every budget. To learn more, ask a professional about credit companies that specialize in healthcare financing. During your Miracle-Ear visit, you may also inquire about financing options, available at many locations. Be sure to conduct a hearing aid price comparison to make sure you’re investing in the best device for your budget as well. 

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The Miracle-Ear Foundation

Money doesn’t have to be a barrier to individuals seeking the benefits of hearing aid technology. Since 1990, the Miracle-Ear Foundation has been giving the Gift of Sound™ to people who demonstrate a personal inability to financially provide for their hearing health needs. For every hearing aid sold, Miracle-Ear makes a financial commitment to help someone in need.

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Close to the people

Learn more about how the Miracle-Ear Foundation has touched people’s lives with these inspiring hearing journey stories.

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