Social Media: Connect with Hearing Aids

Last update on Oct, 24, 2018

Let's Get Social

During a recent visit to one of our locations, a Miracle-Ear customer referred to his smartphone as a “handheld computer that doubles as a communications device.” His comment reflects a growing trend we’ve seen among Miracle-Ear customers: using their smartphones to connect with family, friends and the world around them.

Many of these connections are initiated and nurtured through social media. In fact, an article in Forbes states that people age 55-plus are among the biggest users of social media platforms, particularly Facebook and LinkedIn. Author Irfan Jafrey singles out baby boomers, people born in the years 1946 through 1964, as especially savvy social media users.

Why are social networks so popular? Because social media keeps people connected with others. They share content about their families. They keep up with children and grandchildren who live far away. They stay in touch with what friends are doing. They watch videos for entertainment and education. And those who are still in the workforce, build professional identities while engaging with other professionals and companies.

At Miracle-Ear we recognize and support the growing importance of social media connectivity in the lives of our customers. For example, with our GENIUS™ 3.0 Rechargeable LI RIC hearing solution and a smartphone, you can stream the audio from social media directly to your hearing aids. And that’s just one of many streaming possibilities with the GENIUS™ 3.0 LI RIC!

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