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Introducing the Miracle-Ear hearing experience

Last update on Sep, 07, 2021

With so many hearing solutions in today’s market, it can seem overwhelming to choose the right hearing aids for your needs. Some people feel so confused and intimidated they don’t end up ever seeking hearing help. In fact, approximately 48 million American adults are impacted by hearing loss, according to the Hearing Loss Association of America, while about just 20% of those who would benefit from a hearing aid use one.

At Miracle-Ear, it’s our goal to make the hearing aid process simple, straight-forward, informative and valuable for you and the loved ones who support your hearing health care journey. To further improve upon this commitment, we’ve launched the new Miracle-Ear Hearing Experience. This program is designed to help customers feel confident they are making the right hearing health decisions for their specific needs, budget and lifestyle, while simplifying the features and benefits hearing aids offer.

Hearing aid benefits

Miracle-Ear hearing aids are now categorized around features most important to those with hearing loss – invisibility, rechargeability, connectivity and affordability – and each new Miracle-Ear Hearing Experience collection offers a portfolio of premium technology. The Miracle-Ear Hearing Experience consists of:

small hearing aid
These hearing aids are small and nearly invisible for those who want top-of-the-line technology in a compact and discreet hearing aid.

rechargeable hearing aid
These hearing aid solutions are for the person who has an active lifestyle. Each features a convenient portable charger that eliminates the need for batteries.

woman on her phone outside
This collection of hearing aids features Bluetooth® functionality for the technology enthusiast. It’s ideal for someone who wants to easily connect and stream sounds directly to their hearing aids. 

couple cooking in the kitchen
These hearing aids are for individuals who seek a quality product with simple, essential features at a price that suits their budget.

New hearing aids to meet your needs

In addition to the new Miracle-Ear Hearing Experience, our portfolio of hearing aids now features two new products. These hearing aids feature advanced technology and a comfortable fit that's hard to beat.


Miracle-EarCONNECT™ RIC 312

This all-new receiver-in-canal (RIC) hearing aid is sleek and powerful, featuring direct streaming and an optional telecoil.

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Miracle-EarENERGY™ RIC R

This modern hearing aid is the ultimate RIC solution, thanks to a powerful lithium-ion battery and a small design.

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