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Do hearing aids hurt your ears?

Last update on Apr, 01, 2022

Hearing aids are powerful devices that are made to assist your hearing. However, a hearing aid that is painful to wear may discourage you from using it in the future. Since there are many benefits to good hearing, it’s better to continue wearing your hearing aid and find out what could be causing the pain. Learn more about hearing aid pain and how to make hearing aids more comfortable.

What causes hearing aid pain?

A hearing aid that fits you well should feel like it’s a part of your ear once you get used to wearing it. If a hearing aid is causing you problems, it’s likely that there’s something wrong with how the device is fitting in your ear. Here are some reasons why your hearing aid might be causing you pain:

They need to be broken in

Just like you would with a new pair of shoes, hearing aids need to be broken in when worn for the first time. You may not be used to having a device in your ear, so it will take some time to get adjusted to wearing them. When you get a new pair of hearing aids, try wearing them for a few hours every day to help you get used to how they feel. Avoid having them in for too long during your first week of use. Once you are more familiar with how the device feels, you can begin to wear them for longer periods of time.

It may also help to practice inserting and removing your hearing aids once you get them. Doing this in front of an audiologist might be helpful, as they can tell you if you are doing it wrong and provide you with tips on proper insertion. The audiologist can work with you until you are able to do it on your own easily.

They don’t fit properly

A hearing aid that doesn’t properly fit your ears may just be the wrong size. Wearing a hearing aid that isn’t your size can feel tight or uncomfortable and cause painful pressure points to form in your ears. Getting the right pair that fits best for you may take some time, but your comfort and hearing health is important. Book an appointment with Miracle-Ear and work with a specialist to find a hearing aid that works best for you.

They may not be clean

Hearing aids require proper maintenance. If your hearing aids are not cleaned on a regular basis, your ears may become infected and irritated. Make sure you are cleaning your hearing aids with the right tools and techniques and store them in a dry, cool place when they are not being used.

You may be allergic to some materials

Because the skin in the ear canal is very delicate, itchiness and irritation are a common occurrence with hearing aid users. If you are experiencing any redness or feel itchiness around your hearing aid, it’s possible that you are allergic to some of the materials that are used to make the device. Some hearing aid users have reportedly developed allergic reactions due to the plastic materials or acrylics in their ears. Talk to a dermatologist or hearing specialist to find out which materials will cause the least irritation.

Better hearing shouldn’t be painful

Dealing with hearing loss is hard enough. When you’re making a change to improve your hearing, you shouldn’t have to deal with pain or irritation. Learn more about adjusting to life with hearing aids and visit your local Miracle-Ear Hearing Center to find the best hearing solution for you.

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