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Myths and facts about wearing hearing aids

Last update on Jul, 29, 2021

Common misconceptions about wearing hearing aids

Do you know you need a hearing aid, but find yourself reluctant to take the next step? You aren't alone; many people who would benefit from hearing aids experience this kind of hesitation. That's often due to outdated or inaccurate information about the fitting and purchasing process as well as how to use hearing aids once you have them. To help you, we've separated hearing aid facts from fiction. Below you'll find a number of hearing aid myths and the actual facts behind the fallacies. 

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Myth: Hearing loss is normal for my age

Fact: It's true that hearing loss, especially sensorineural hearing loss, becomes more common as we age. Just because it's common, doesn't make it "normal." If hearing loss is preventing you from living life to the fullest, you should seek help, regardless of your age.

Myth: My hearing loss is not serious

Fact: Even mild hearing loss can lead to significant issues. For example, you may hear words incorrectly in the workplace, which could in turn diminish your job performance. At home, you may turn up the TV or radio too loud for other family members to listen comfortably, making it harder to spend time together. You may even be unable to hear alarms or other warning signals, compromising your safety.

Myth: I do not need hearing aids

Fact: Without hearing aids, you won’t be able to tell exactly which sounds or how much you can’t hear. Once you start wearing them, you'll immediately hear the difference and understand how much audio you miss when you take off your devices. In addition to being able to hear your surroundings more fully, numerous studies have shown a positive impact on relationships, job performance, brain health, happiness and well-being when people get help for hearing loss.

Myth: Hearing aids are too noticeable

Fact: Today’s Miracle-Ear hearing aids are smaller and more discreet than ever. Chances are, other people won’t know you’re wearing them. What’s more, untreated hearing loss is often more obvious than a hearing aid—especially if you frequently ask others to repeat themselves or you respond inappropriately in conversations. Hearing aids allow you to be an active participant in group settings without worrying about the sounds you would otherwise be missing.

Myth: Hearing aids will sound too loud

Fact: Once upon a time, hearing aids amplified all sounds equally, making some sounds unbearably loud. Today’s digital, computerized hearing aids are so “smart,” they can boost the soft sounds you want to hear while suppressing less desirable sounds. With rechargeability and Bluetooth connectivity, Miracle-EarENERGY™ hearing aids are a prime example of how far hearing aid technology has come.

Myth: I can buy hearing aids online

Fact: It's very important to work in person with a hearing professional when purchasing hearing aids. Only a qualified specialist will be able to make sure that your hearing is screened properly, that you choose the aid that is most appropriate for your needs, it is fitted correctly and comfortably and that you receive the necessary follow-up care and support. Miracle-Ear is proud to provide quality service from certified hearing aid professionals at each one of its more than 1,500 locations nationwide.

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We pride ourself with quality service

Miracle-Ear is proud to provide quality service from certified hearing aid professionals at each one of its more than 1,500 locations nationwide.

Myth: Hearing aids are too expensive

Fact: Hearing aids come in a variety of styles and fit into a range of budgets. The Miracle-EarEASY™ is Miracle-Ear’s most affordable hearing aid model, designed for comfort and ease of use without compromising on the essential technology features that create clear sound. Miracle-Ear hearing aids also include lifetime aftercare, with ongoing professional care and service included in the original hearing aid price. If cost is preventing you from accessing hearing help, you may be eligible for the Miracle-Ear Foundation

Myth: Hearing aids are uncomfortable

Fact: Hearing aids have come a long way, and today’s devices are created to be both discreet and comfortable, so you can forget about them—and others might not even notice they’re there. For ultimate comfort, Miracle-Ear’s in-the-ear (ITE) devices have custom molds to fit your individual ear, while receiver-in-canal (RIC) styles are lightweight and slim enough to go practically unnoticed on the ear. When worn properly, hearing aids shouldn’t be painful—if concerns do arise, talk to a specialist right away.

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