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The relationship between hearing loss and memory

Last update on Mar, 15, 2022

Hearing loss is a common condition that affects most of us as we age. But have you noticed a change in your ability to remember things along with your hearing loss? While memory loss is also commonly seen in aging individuals, it may be no coincidence that the two conditions appear side-by-side. Untreated hearing loss caused by age or other factors can contribute to mental conditions like memory loss. If you find yourself feeling more forgetful than usual while dealing with symptoms of hearing loss, you may want to know if the two conditions are related. Read on to learn more about the connection between hearing loss and memory and ways to help your hearing health.

What are some signs of memory loss?

Feeling forgetful every now and then is a normal part of aging, but severe memory problems may require more attention. Serious memory problems can make it difficult to get through daily tasks and impair your ability to socialize or work with others. According to the National Institute of Aging, signs of serious memory problems include repeatedly asking the same questions, getting lost in areas you are familiar with, difficulties with following directions, frequent feelings of confusion about time, people and places, and the inability to care for yourself (including declining hygiene, poor diet or unsafe behaviors). If you are exhibiting any of these behaviors, talk to your doctor to get a better understanding of your condition.

Hearing loss can also be associated with dementia, which is a condition that indicates memory problems and other cognitive impairments. Studies show that hearing loss may contribute to cognitive decline and dementia symptoms like social isolation and memory loss. Dementia is a serious condition that is not considered to be a normal part of aging, so get a diagnosis from a medical specialist if you are concerned about your memory loss symptoms.

How does hearing affect your memory?

It might seem strange to think that the way your ears work can have an impact on your memory, but ears are critical tools for transferring sounds into the brain. The things people say to you go through your ears as sound and are turned into words you can comprehend when they reach your brain. If you have problems with your hearing, your brain must work harder to interpret the sounds you hear.

Individuals with hearing loss may also go through social withdrawal, which can lead to a lack of mental stimulation. Keeping our brains active with activities like hobbies and social engagement is important for maintaining good cognitive health. A lack of mental activity can lead to cognitive decline and affect your memory.

Studies on individuals with hearing loss have shown that hearing loss can accelerate signs of cognitive decline and impact memory. Social withdrawal caused by communication issues from hearing loss have also shown to affect brain health and lead to memory problems as well. While the development of hearing problems cannot always be avoided, you can take steps to protect your ears and improve your hearing health.

How to maintain healthy hearing

To reduce the risk of developing memory problems caused by hearing loss, it’s important to maintain healthy hearing by regularly getting your ears checked. Schedule an appointment with a professional from Miracle-Ear in three easy steps or take a free online hearing test from your own device. You can also help prevent hearing problems by learning what causes hearing loss and what you can do to protect your ears.

Be sure to keep track of any changes to your hearing. Catching your hearing problems early on can help you get the treatment you need to keep your hearing and memory strong.

Your hearing impacts you whole health.

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How hearing aids can help with memory

Hearing aids are a smart solution for improving your hearing and keeping your brain active. You can more thoroughly engage in conversations again and listen to your favorite songs more clearly with the latest technology in hearing solutions. Discover a variety of hearing aid models and types from Miracle-Ear or find the closest Miracle-Ear hearing center to you to get the personalized hearing help you need.

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