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What to expect at your hearing aid tune-up

Last update on Feb, 21, 2022

If you care for your hearing aids, they will support your hearing for years to come. Regular hearing aid care, both at home and with the help of Miracle-Ear specialists, will give you the most benefits from your hearing aids and support your overall hearing health.

Taking care of your hearing aids through routine hearing aid tune-ups is important. It allows you to keep your hearing aids in the best condition, ensuring that you’re able to hear at your best. By making a consistent appointments with one of Miracle-Ear’s hearing care professionals, you can continue to get the one-on-one support on how to care for your hearing aids so that they continue to work at their optimal level. 

How often do you visit the doctor? Those regular checkups are an essential step in taking a proactive approach to managing your health and keeping your body in good working condition. Likewise, keeping your regularly scheduled checkups and tune-ups with a hearing care professional helps you take charge of your hearing health. While it might feel easy to put these appointments off, these regular appointments can help prevent a lot of issues in the future. By making the effort, you’re both protecting your investment and ensuring that your hearing aids are functioning as well as they can. Another way to think of it is that, by getting regular tune-ups of the functional and technical performance of your hearing aids, you’re making sure that you can fully hear—and enjoy—life as it goes on around you. 

A lifetime of hearing aid care—at no cost

When you purchased your Miracle-Ear hearing aids, you received more than just your devices—you also got access to free lifetime service and aftercare on your hearing aids*. These services, administered by your local Miracle-Ear hearing care professionals, are an important part of developing a relationship with a healthcare provider who knows your hearing needs and goals. But even if you’re traveling, keep in mind that technical tune-ups and hearing aid services are available at any of Miracle-Ear’s over 1,500 locations across the United States. 

When to plan a hearing aid tune-up appointment

Just as you would schedule an annual physical, hearing aid tune-ups should be planned on a regular schedule. When finishing up one appointment, be sure to schedule the next before leaving the office. If that’s not possible, aim for setting one up quarterly at your Miracle-Ear location. At your appointment, your hearing care professional will address any cleaning, fitting, and testing that your hearing aids might need. This functional part of the hearing aftercare visit includes:

  • Checking that hearing aids components are functioning properly
  • Thoroughly cleaning each hearing aid
  • Checking for proper fit
  • Reviewing your wearing schedule and listening experience
  • Inspecting your ears to check for excess ear wax
  • If needed, installing a new hearing aid battery in each device (if using a device with disposable batteries)  

While quarterly visits are recommended, you can visit a Miracle-Ear location at any time to discuss issues with potential changes to your hearing, fit, sound quality, or battery issues.     

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Can I get my hearing aid reprogrammed?

Your tune-up visits can be useful for more than just hearing aid cleaning and an ear inspection. During these appointments, your hearing care professional can also address the technical needs of your hearing aids. If you’ve noticed a change in your hearing aids since your last visit, Miracle-Ear hearing care professionals can assist in reprogramming your hearing aids upon completion of an updated evaluation. They can tailor hearing aid adjustments to fit your specific hearing needs and address anything that’s not working the way you want it to. Because the hearing aid adjustment process is a delicate undertaking, it’s best to leave the technical work to a hearing care professional—this is a case in which it’s best not to do it yourself. Depending on the particular issue and the hearing aid model that you have, you can often add programs to make minor adjustments to sounds and environments in the Miracle-Ear app. Talk with your hearing care professional to discuss which adjustments would work best for you. But if you need some more expertise to solve the problem, you can visit a hearing aid center for any repairs or adjustments as needed. 

Hearing aid care between visits

As wise as it is to schedule regular tune-ups, it’s important to maintain your hearing aids between visits, too. Developing healthy habits to protect your hearing not only ensures your devices are working properly everyday, but it also allows you to continue to hear all life has to offer. Follow these simple steps to keep your hearing aids in good condition:

  • Use a soft cloth and a brush twice a day to remove any excess ear wax or buildup as a part of your daily schedule
  • If your devices use disposable batteries, open the battery door and remove the batteries each night to air out your aids and extend the battery life
  • Create a battery routine—either charging or replacing—that matches with your type of hearing aid so you’re never out of power when you need it

Cleaning your hearing aids helps protect your investment and keep your hard-working devices going, day in and day out. For tutorials on hearing aid cleaning techniques, talk to your hearing care professional or explore our resources for hearing aid care

Creating successful hearing habits

Your hearing is an invaluable part of your health, which means that it’s just as important to manage your hearing aids as it is to protect your physical health. By attending regular hearing aid tune-ups, you can stay on top of caring for your hearing aids so they’ll continue to support your lifestyle for years to come. 

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*Miracle-Ear® lifetime aftercare not included with hearing aids purchased utilizing some insurance benefits.

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