One Day Without Sound

Take the Pledge

On Thursday May 31st, take the pledge to remove all unnecessary sound from your life for One Day Without Sound. This will allow you the opportunity to appreciate all that your hearing does for you by experiencing life as someone with hearing loss would.

About One Day Without Sound

Our hearing is previous. It enhances our life and learning experiences, both as children and adults. It connects us with friends and family. It is essential for both school and the workplace.

One Day Without Sound is an annual event sponsored by the Miracle-Ear Foundation. Taking one day to recognize how difficult it is to have a hearing impairment gives us a chance to consider how we protect our hearing throughout the year.

Protect Your Hearing

The best way to avoid hearing loss in the future is to protect your hearing today. Here are three simple tips to take care of your ears and your hearing.

  • Avoid Harmful Noise The best way to protect your hearing is to completely avoid loud noise, but we all know this isn’t realistic. It’s recommended to wear hearing protection when exposed to any sound above 85 dB.
  • Practice Healthy Lifestyle Habits Your hearing is very connected to other areas of health. This means it’s important to make healthy lifestyle choices, like eating well, exercising, getting plenty of sleep and refraining from smoking.
  • Get Your Hearing Checked Some hearing problems can be treated if they’re caught early. Don’t hesitate to get a hearing test from a hearing care professional.

Take the Pledge

Take the pledge to remove sound from your life for One Day Without Sound on May 31st. We hope this will allow you to appreciate all your hearing does for you and take steps to protect it.

Thank you for taking the time to experience what life is like for those with hearing loss and taking steps to protect your hearing throughout the year!

Miracle-Ear Foundation

Miracle-Ear Foundation

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