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Alabama Miracle Mission

Tuskegee and Selma

Our work in Tuskegee and Selma, AL

In honor of our 30th anniversary, we decided to go on our first ever Miracle-Mission to help give the gift of sound to those in need. We chose to go to Selma and Tuskegee in Alabama because there is not only limited access for healthcare in general, but especially hearing healthcare. There were not many other places in America that needed the gift of sound than these two towns. 

Selma and Tuskegee video thumbnail

We were honored and humbled by the opportunity to help give people in these communities the gift of sound. Watch our journey on the Miracle-Mission to help deliver the gift of sound.

Alabama Miracle Mission Highlights

  • The Miracle Mission team completed more than 60 hearing exams over the course of two weeks
  • We made multiple medical referrals for hearing conditions needing treatment outside the scope of hearing aids and produced five custom orders for power hearing aids with impressions
  • We delivered hearing aids to almost 40 individuals, with a total of just under 100 hearing aids gifted to residents
  • The Alabama Miracle-Ear team set up an ongoing, bi-monthly aftercare site in Selma to care for individuals long-term to prevent residents from having to drive to Montgomery for service
  • The Miracle-Ear Foundation provided cash donations to the church to help support the event and to support their ongoing community-based outreach efforts

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