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Celebrate better hearing & speech month

Last update on May, 04, 2018

We’re excited to celebrate Better Speech and Hearing Month throughout the month of May! The purpose of this month is to raise awareness about hearing health and hearing protection. Read on to learn about the many ways healthy hearing can have a positive effect on your life and how you can participate this hearing and speech month.

Better hearing goes beyond your ears

Our hearing is precious. It connects us with our family and friends and enhances our life and learning experiences. It’s important that we do all we can to recognize and appreciate all that our hearing does for us and protect it for the future. The effects of hearing loss go well beyond the ears. People who treat hearing loss report significant improvements in their lives, including:

  • Social life and relationships
  • Job performance and salary
  • Brain health
  • Mental and emotional wellbeing

How loud is too loud?

Most people know that exposing your ears to loud sounds can have a negative effect on your hearing. But, how loud is too loud? Researchers have discovered that extended or repeated exposure to sounds of 85 decibels or above can cause permanent hearing loss. The noise measurement of some common sounds are:

  • Whisper: 30 dB
  • Normal conversation: 60 dB
  • Lawn mower: 90 dB
  • Movie theater: 80-100 dB
  • Live music: 100-115 dB

Stay informed this Better Hearing and Speech Month with all things hearing health. Learn about protecting your hearing, hearing aids, and more on our site.

Hearing health

One Day Without Sound

On May 31, the Miracle-Ear Foundation recognizes One Day Without Sound. On this day, we encourage you to take the pledge and remove all unnecessary sound from your life. This is to recognize how difficult it is to live with a hearing impairment, appreciate all that our hearing does for us and consider the ways we can take care of our hearing throughout the year.

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