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The over 50 medical check-up checklist

Last update on Jan, 13, 2021

Full-body check-up lists for overall health and wellbeing

Unless you suffer from a chronic illness or there’s an emergency, most people put off that visit to the doctor’s office. Often, an important meeting or other obligation takes precedent over a yearly physical. However, with each passing decade, routine check-ups and screenings become more and more important for your overall health.


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Find out what you and your doctor should look at with our medical check-up checklist for people over 50 years old.

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Your health is important

There’s a big difference between prevention and treatment, so being proactive in your health is key. Take a look at our full-body check-up list for some exams and screening that are crucial once you reach 50:

Once a year, you should get your general health examined. From your heartbeat to lung health to BMI, yearly physicals establish a medical history that can benefit you in the years to come.

If your family has a history of a certain disease, start screenings for it as early as possible. Whether diabetes or ovarian cancer, a predisposition to certain conditions requires extra attention and should definitely be included in your medical check-up checklist.

After 50, checking your hearing every year is recommended. Hearing loss is often gradual, so the signs and symptoms are regularly overlooked. If you think you or a loved one are experiencing hearing loss, don’t hesitate to schedule your free hearing test at a Miracle-Ear hearing aid center near you today. If you have never had a hearing exam before, be sure to check out our blog post on how to best prepare for a hearing exam.

Blood pressure, electrocardiogram (EKG), and cholesterol checks are all part of ensuring your heart health after 30, and should probably already be on your full-body check-up list. Also, blood tests should be run to assure you are not developing illnesses like diabetes.

Skin cancer is the most common type of cancer in the United States, and melanoma can start with a small mole. Have your doctor check your skin each year for unusual spots.

Most dentists recommend having cleanings and dental check-ups every 6 months to a year.

It is recommended you visit your optometrist or ophthalmologist every two years.

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Be proactive and take charge of your health with our medical check-up checklist today!

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