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National protect your hearing month

Last update on Aug, 11, 2021

October is National Protect Your Hearing Month! We encourage everyone to take the time this month to learn about noise-induced hearing loss and the steps to prevent it, as well as take a moment to appreciate all that our hearing does for us.

Below we have provided the ultimate guide to learning about what can damage your hearing and the steps you can take to prevent hearing loss.

How noise affects our hearing

How noise affects our hearing

How loud is too loud, and how can those loud sounds damage your ears? Watch to learn more about how to protect your ears from noise-induced hearing loss.

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What is loud? Decibel chart guide to hearing safety

Loud noises can damage your hearing, either temporarily or forever. In fact, 10 million Americans have noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL)—the official term for permanent hearing loss caused from excessive noise.

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Types of hearing loss

While the term “hearing loss” is often used in a general way to describe a reduced ability to hear or understand sounds and speech, it can be separated into three distinct types: sensorineural, conductive and mixed.

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Hearing loss prevention

Protecting your ears and hearing is the easiest way to prevent hearing loss. See our tips for simple yet effective ways to do so.

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Do your part to celebrate National Protect Your Hearing Month by getting up to speed on hearing health issues at the Miracle-Ear blog today. 

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