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Hearing aid care quiz

Last update on May, 25, 2021

Proper hearing aid care and maintenance is key to getting the most life out of your investment. Take the Miracle-Ear quiz and find out if your hearing aids are well taken care of.

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How well do you care for your own hearing aids?

1. Time to suds up: Do you remove your hearing aids before showering?

A)   Always

B)   Sometimes (if I remember)

C)   Never


2.    What’s your hearing aid routine before going to bed?

A)   Nothing—I simply remove them

B)   I wipe them down with a cloth

C)   I remove the batteries and leave the battery door open -or- put them in a hearing aid dryer/dehumidifier


3. True or false? It’s OK to use alcohol wipes or chemical solutions to clean hearing aids.

A)   True

B)   False


4. True or false? All hearing aid styles follow the same cleaning schedule and routine.

A)   True

B)   False


5. True or false? You should never wear hearing aids during exercise.

A)   True

B)   False


6. How often do you visit your hearing care specialist?

A)   Never

B)   Rarely—just for repairs and my yearly exam

C)   Several times a year


7. Which of the following can affect hearing aid battery life?                                                              

A)   Battery size and type

B)   Hearing aid technology/features

C)   Temperature, climate and altitude

D)   All of the above

Cleaning Tip
Wait until morning to brush off any ear wax. This allows the wax to dry out overnight, making it easier

Care Aware Answers


While many hearing aids are designed to repel light moisture, excessive water and soap can damage the batteries and electrical components. If you do forget to remove them during your daily shower, don’t stress—here’s what to do:

  • Remove the hearing aids right away.
  • Take out the batteries.
  • Leave the battery door open to air out.

Get more detailed information on how to care for your hearing aids when they get wet.

Also: Remember to remove your hearing aids during other hygiene habits, such as washing your face and applying hair sprays/gels.

B & C

A little pre-bedtime care routine can go a long way toward protecting your hearing aids.  Here’s how to clean hearing aids before you hit the hay:

  • Use a soft, dry cloth to remove moisture, debris and earwax.
  • Open the battery door and take out the batteries.
  • Leave the battery door open overnight. (This airs out the device and extends battery life.)


Never clean hearing aids with products containing alcohol or other chemical solutions—these can damage the plastic, silicone and other hearing aid parts. Use only sprays and wipes that have been specifically formulated for hearing aids.


While certain hearing aid care tips are universal, each style has its own unique cleaning needs:

BTE Hearing Aids

  1. Use an air blower to remove any moisture or wax buildup from the tubing.
  2. Soak the ear mold in warm, soapy water (always detach from hearing aid first).

RIC Hearing Aids

  1. Use a soft, dry cloth (or approved wipe) to remove any debris or wax from the ear dome and wire.
  2. Pay particular attention to the sound outlet at the end of the dome. Use the brush to clear away dirt.


Today’s hearing aids are designed to keep you doing the things you love—including breaking a sweat. Just watch for excessive moisture or perspiration, which can cause damage and invite bacteria growth.

Some tips to combat moisture:

  • Use a water-resistant sweatband or sleeve over the hearing aid.
  • After each workout, wipe down your hearing aids with a soft, dry cloth.
  • Use an air blower to remove moisture/dirt from the tubing.


Regular aftercare follow-up appointments can help prevent future issues and make sure you’re getting the best sound for your needs. Your hearing care specialist can test all hearing aid components, thoroughly clean each hearing aid, check for proper fit and adjust program settings.


How long do hearing aid batteries last? It depends. Many factors influence power consumption, which in turn affects the lifespan of the batteries.

Boost battery life with these tips:

  • Don’t remove the sticker until you’re ready to use the battery (this activates the battery).
  • After removing the sticker, wait two minutes before inserting—this allows the battery to reach its full activation level.
  • Leave the battery door open overnight (or use a dehumidifier).
    Turn off your hearing aids whenever you’re not wearing them.

Want even longer-lasting power? Ditch batteries altogether with fully rechargeable hearing aids.

How did you do?

Five or more correct: Maintenance Master

Hats off to you! You prioritize—and know a lot about—proper hearing aid care. Your knowledge and habits regarding hearing aid care and maintenance will help you maximize the lifespan and performance of your hearing aids.

Four or fewer correct: Cleaning Cadet

You’ve got some room for improvement, but it’s OK—we’re here to help. Check out the Miracle-Ear blog to ramp up your knowledge on all things hearing aid and hearing loss related.

Your well-being is important to us

We’re committed to providing excellent care for as long as you own your hearing aid.

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