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Hearing aid voice recognition technology

Last update on Aug, 06, 2021

Hear your own voice, naturally

"I don't like the sound of my own voice!" This is a sentiment expressed by many hearing aid wearers who perceive their own voice as too loud and unnatural. The patented Voice Recognition Technology in our Miracle-Ear hearing aids solves this issue.

Voice Recognition Technology recognizes and processes your voice separately from other voices and sounds. During your hearing aid fitting, the technology scans your head. This determines the location of both your mouth and hearing aids to detect when you are speaking.

This provides a natural sound to your own voice combined with optimal hearing of all other sounds so you can enjoy a pleasant, natural listening experience. As a result, you adapt to your new hearing aids more easily, and you experience enhanced long-term satisfaction.

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Adjusting to hearing aids

The advanced Voice Recognition Technology available from Miracle-Ear can help to support you through the process by making your voice sound more natural to you when you speak. Count on Miracle-Ear to deliver the most innovative, life-enhancing hearing aid technologies, just as we have for the past 70 years!

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