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What can I do if I lose my hearing aid?

Last update on Feb, 25, 2024

Whenever you’re about to leave the house, you likely run through a quick mental checklist to ensure you’re you’ve grabbed the essentials for your day: cell phone, wallet, keys, etc. But are you checking to ensure you have both of your hearing aids?

It may sound surprising, but a lost hearing aid is much more common than you might think. One of the virtues of modern hearing aids is that they’re quite small. While that makes them more comfortable and discreet, it also means they can easily be misplaced. Thankfully, new hearing aid technology comes with more than just the tools to support your hearing—it can also help you find misplaced or lost hearing aids.

Is there a way to locate a missing hearing aid?

Many modern hearing aids offer tracking features through smartphone apps, making finding a lost hearing aid easier and saving you from frantically searching your home or needing to replace your devices altogether. Learn what to do when you realize your device is missing and how to find a lost hearing aid quickly and easily.

Check your hearing aid tracking app

If you’ve noticed you’ve lost a hearing aid, don’t panic. The key to your search might be in the palm of your hand. Modern hearing aids, including Miracle-Ear hearing aids, can be connected to a smartphone app that can help you locate your devices. This can be a crucial tool and should be your first step in locating the lost hearing aid if a quick search of your immediate area doesn’t reveal the device.

App function and design may vary slightly between hearing aid models and manufacturers, but most modern pairs of hearing aids include this technological feature to help start your search.

How to use Miracle-Ear Hearing aid app to find lost hearing aid

The Miracle-Ear app—available for both iOS and Android devices—provides Miracle-Ear hearing aid users with the tools they need to personalize and improve their hearing experience. Another key feature of the Miracle-Ear app is its lost hearing aids finder. Using the Find My Hearing Aids location feature, app users can locate lost hearing aid(s) by using the system’s GPS location services whenever the hearing aids aren’t connected to the mobile app.

If you have enabled GPS settings on your smartphone and have paired your phone and hearing aids at least once, the app will display the last known GPS location of your hearing aids. To track the location of your hearing aids in the Miracle-Ear app:

  • Open the Miracle-Ear app
  • Select “Services” at the bottom of the screen
  • Choose “Find My Hearing Aids”
  • Tap on “Connected”
  • Select “Find My Hearing Aids “

Once you’ve selected “Find My Hearing Aids”, your app will display a map of the GPS location of your hearing aids. For the best possibility of finding your devices, keep the app open or active in the background so your devices can stay connected and provide the most accurate information to locate your hearing aids. If you have questions, a hearing care professional at Miracle-Ear can show you how to navigate the app.

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Miracle-EarBLISS™ Technology

For over 75 years, Miracle-Ear® has connected loved ones through better hearing using the latest in hearing technology. We are thrilled to introduce Miracle-EarBLISS™, our newest and most innovative line of hearing aids.

Still can’t find your hearing aids?

Still can’t find your hearing aids? It might seem like the painfully obvious suggestion, but retracing your steps can be the next best way to find a lost hearing aid if the hearing aid app isn’t available or isn’t installed. As you walk back through your day, think carefully about where you last had your hearing aids and what you were doing when you realized that they were lost.

Ask yourself these questions to narrow down when you might have lost your device:

  • How did I notice my hearing aid was missing?
  • Where was I when I noticed?
  • Who was I with when I noticed it was gone?
  • Did I take my hearing aids out during the day?
  • What else do I remember from the day before losing them?

If you’re having trouble remembering your movements throughout the day, ask a friend, family member or coworker to help jog your memory.

Hearing aids contain small amounts of metal in the body of the hearing aid and the battery. Because of that, you can find them with a metal detector. Be sure to search with a high-quality metal detector; if you don’t have your own, you might even be able to rent one. 

Try as you might, you can only search so much alone. The best way to find a lost hearing aid if you can’t find it on your own is to ask help. Enlist the assistance of your friends or loved ones to provide fresh eyes to your search if you’re looking at home. They might think of looking in places you’ve forgotten and help you think through where you might have lost the hearing aids. After all, two sets of eyes are better than one! 

If you lost your devices in a public place or business, the best way to find a lost hearing aid is to call and let them know your device is missing. Someone may have picked it up and turned it over to staff, or staff members can keep an eye out for it throughout the day. Be sure to provide your contact information and a description of the hearing aid. 

Lost or damaged hearing aids aren’t inevitable, but you still want to be protected in a worst-case scenario. That’s why Miracle-Ear offers a three-year warranty on almost all hearing solutions, providing repairs or replacements to accidentally lost or damaged hearing aids.

If you cannot find your hearing aids, you can request a replacement at any authorized Miracle-Ear location, using the Miracle-Ear warranty. Be prepared to share how the loss occurred and provide a notarized statement to verify the circumstances, as well as your contact information and the serial number of the lost hearing aid. Review the terms of your warranty with your hearing care specialist if you have questions about your replacement hearing aid options.

What Can I Do With Bluetooth Hearing Aids?

What Can I Do With Bluetooth Hearing Aids?

Learn about Bluetooth hearing aids! With Bluetooth® technology, your hearing aids become a gateway to a richer life.

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How to prevent a lost hearing aid

It’s important to know what to do in the case of a lost hearing aid, but avoiding the situation altogether is even better. Here are a few tips for hearing aid loss prevention:

  • Invest in hearing aid clips to secure your devices if you exercise regularly or participate in sports.
  • Avoid leaving hearing aids within reach of children or pets.
  • Remove face masks carefully to avoid the loops snagging on your device.
  • Designate a specific storage spot, such as your charger, to place your hearing aids anytime you take them out of your ears. Have plans for both when you’re at home and when you’re out and about.
  • Make sure that your hearing aids fit properly and visit your local Miracle-Ear store to adjust the fit as needed.
  • Avoid taking out your hearing aids and setting them aside.

Losing a hearing aid can be a scary feeling, but there are solutions to make sure your hearing is still protected. Schedule an appointment with a hearing care specialist at your local Miracle-Ear to learn more about how you can prevent hearing aid loss before it happens.

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Need help with your hearing device?

If you’re having trouble with placing your hearing aids or removing them, don’t settle for a frustrating experience. Free lifetime aftercare is part of every Miracle-Ear purchase, and your hearing care professional (HCP) is there to help you with any challenges—no matter how small. Contact your neighborhood Miracle-Ear hearing center or stop by to get the help you need.

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