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Meet the new Miracle-EarENERGY™ iRIC R AX hearing aid

Last update on Jul, 25, 2022

Introducing our latest and greatest device: the Miracle-EarENERGY™ iRIC R AX is an attractive and robust hearing aid with a modern design and high-tech features. Our newest hearing aid is smaller and lighter than the previous iRIC, making it nearly invisible during use. The MEENERGY™ iRIC R AX offers incredible performance in a slim and stylish design, without compromising on runtime.

Exceptional style

The MEENERGY™ iRIC R AX is the most attract option for tech-forward hearing aid wearers. It uses the new EarWear 3.0 receiver, making it sleeker than ever. It is available in five stylish, premium colors including cosmic blue and rose gold.

Not only is this device stylish, but it is also small and light. The device is approximately the size of two pennies, allowing it to be discreet while providing the most natural, realistic sound quality possible. It fits so comfortably that users will almost forget they’re wearing it. The slim-fitting iRIC is the ideal option for individuals with glasses who want the benefits of a RIC without the hassle of a larger over-the-ear product.


State-of-the-art technology

With GENIUS™ 5.0 Technology and intuitive sound processing, the MEENERGY™ iRIC R AX provides a personalized, natural hearing experience with direct, wireless streaming. It offers direct Android™ and Apple iPhone™ connectivity. It is also compatible with the Miracle-Ear App, allowing you to control your device with ease.

The MEENERGY™  iRIC R AX is the first hearing aid that features CROS, which provides improved end-to-end wireless communications. This increases the reliability with little risk of dropped connection while also providing better audio quality.


Portable & wireless rechargeability

Miracle-Ear has expanded our charging options for the MENERGY™ iRIC R AX. It includes a new, updated charger with optional wireless charging capability*. The MEENERGY™ iRIC R is compatible with the MECHARGE™ fullpower iRIC R AX and MECHARGE™ powerdry iRIC R AX.

MECHARGE™ fullpower iRIC R AX

The MEENERGY™  iRIC R AX charger is the best option for all users, especially those who are very active and on-the-go. It delivers up to four days of use with a small pocket-size design. The secure lid and portability provides the convenience of charging while on the go. 

MECHARGE™ powerdry iRIC R AX

The MECHARGE™  powerdry iRIC R AX charger is the first of its kind. Providing the convenience of charging while it cleans and dries via ultraviolet light – all at the same time. This convenient, all-in-one solution keeps your hearing aids charged and well-maintained.

Man wearing hearing aid at the restaurant

Rechargeability, Bluetooth capability, and accessory compatibility offer a lot of flexibility to cater to every lifestyle. These exceptional features provide their user a peace of mind knowing that their hearing aids cater to their listening needs.

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*Qi wireless chargers are not sold by Miracle-Ear but are readily available at many retailers.

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