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Benefits to take advantage of at your next hearing appointment

Last update on Oct, 03, 2021

The advantages of attending a hearing appointment extend well beyond hearing tests and initial hearing aid fittings. Whether you’re attending your first appointment or are a longtime customer, our specialists are here to assist with your unique needs, address questions and concerns, and become your go-to resource for all things hearing-related. No question is too small—our hearing care experts want to make sure you feel comfortable and confident about your hearing every step of the way.  Here’s a guide that will help you make the most of your visits, from your first hearing test to a regular maintenance appointment.

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What to expect at a hearing test and follow-up

If you haven’t gotten your hearing tested, you may be curious about what happens at a hearing exam. You may have questions like “How much does a hearing test cost?” or “How long does a hearing test take?” Miracle-Ear has a free online hearing test that can be completed in as few as five minutes. You can also easily book a free in-person hearing test online, with a more comprehensive testing process that takes around 60 to 90 minutes to allow for multiple test types and discussion.

During an in-person hearing test, you’ll talk with a provider about your hearing history, such as if and when you’ve noticed changes to your hearing abilities, and whether you’ve tried hearing aids in the past. The specialist will also look inside your ear canals using a device to monitor whether there’s any damage or blockage. Don’t worry—this process is painless. When it comes to the hearing test portion of the appointment, you’ll complete a hearing threshold test and speech discrimination test. These will provide information about whether you have hearing loss, and if you could benefit from hearing aids. If needed, your expert will then talk with you about next steps, like fitting a hearing aid.

Now that you know what to expect at a hearing test, find out how to prepare for it and learn more about the process here.

For those who need hearing aids, a follow-up hearing appointment will take place after the purchase and hearing aid fitting process. Before leaving the store with your new hearing aids, your specialist will help you schedule this important check-in, which is an opportunity for you to connect with them after wearing your new devices for a short while.

Because these appointments are scheduled in advance, you’re guaranteed to have plenty of time to speak with an expert, and you’ll also have time to think about which topics you’ll want to discuss before the hearing appointment. Your specialist will be able to make any necessary adjustments and talk through any questions or concerns about your experience. This appointment typically takes place within the first few weeks of using your new hearing devices.

As you think about which questions to ask, keep in mind that providers want to hear about your unique situation—this time is all about you, and they’ll be ready to answer anything. Even if you’re curious about something that isn’t directly related to your hearing or your devices, feel free to ask. Hearing care providers can share resources and talk about next steps to take. They’re experts in hearing loss, hearing aids and technology, and will be happy to share what they know. They’re also with rehabilitation, maintenance and care, and making improvements in listening environments.

Hearing aid maintenance appointment tips

Once you’ve had your hearing aid fitting, initial follow-up appointment and are comfortable with your new devices, you may feel like you’re all set. But it’s important to keep attending regular maintenance appointments to prolong the lifespan of your devices and ensure your hearing aids continue to meet your needs.

When you purchase hearing aids from Miracle-Ear, you receive lifetime access to aftercare, which includes an annual hearing test, device repairs, comprehensive deep cleaning and regular hearing aid evaluations*. Examples of aftercare could include a provider adjusting a hearing aid that feels uncomfortable, demonstrating cleaning techniques to keep your device functioning well, and discussing general hearing health or changes you’re experiencing. In addition, providers can connect your devices to Miracle-Ear’s hearing aid software, which they’ll use to adjust to the sound if needed. Visitors also have the opportunity to test new and advanced technology to hear the difference and understand the hearing aid options available to them firsthand.

The goal of every hearing appointment is to make sure your hearing aids are still working at their optimal performance and feel good when you wear them. Even if your device seems to be working properly, it’s a good idea to take advantage of complimentary aftercare services to keep your devices in good condition and prolong their lifespan. Generally, it’s recommended to come in for an appointment about every three to six months, and a complete hearing test once a year. Hearing appointments are simple to arrange, and can be scheduled in-store with your local provider or online. Hearing care providers are dedicated to your well-being and always ready to help find solutions for your hearing needs.

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*Miracle-Ear®lifetime aftercare not included with hearing aids purchased utilizing some insurance benefits.

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