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Meet the new Miracle-EarENERGY™ GO hearing aid earbuds

Last update on Jun, 16, 2021

We've combined the sleek design of wireless earbuds with innovative hearing aid technology to create the Miracle-EarENERGY™ GO. This small, rechargeable hearing aid is an ideal solution for people who want the advanced features of hearing aids with the comfort, portability and functionality of wireless earbuds.


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Style, comfort and convenience

Miracle-EarENERGY™ GO is changing the world of hearing. This earbud-like ITE is a tech-forward device that is unrecognizable when compared to traditional hearing aids. It is available in three color designs including black, black with silver, and white with rose gold. This hearing aid can fit almost any lifestyle, budget, and hearing needs. Easy-to-adjust silicone-ear fittings make the Miracle-EarENERGY™ GO an ideal choice for those who want style, function, and a comfortable fit for all-day use.

Innovative hearing aid technology

In addition to a sleek, comfortable design, the Miracle-EarENERGY™ GO hearing aid earbuds offer some of our most advanced features:

  • Bluetooth® connectivity allows you to stream telephone conversations, music and TV directly to both ears
  • Connect your hearing aids earbuds to the Miracle-Ear mobile app and instantly adjust the audio settings to meet your hearing needs for any environment
  • Directional microphones isolate the conversations or sounds you want to hear
  • Noise reduction technology filters out the sounds you don't want to hear - even in busy restaurants or crowded spaces

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Fast, portable hearing aid charger

Adults of all ages now have a new hearing solution that fits their active lifestyle,  featuring fast-charging capabilities and convenient pocket-sized portability. This allows for easy access to enhanced hearing technology whenever and wherever it is needed, so everyone can enjoy life with fewer limitations. Discover how hearing aids can add to your independence

MEENERGY GO rechargeable hearing aids in its charger

Rechargeable features

  • Fast, easy charging
  • Sleek, pocket-sized recharging case with wireless charging capabilities
  • A four-hour charge provides more than 24 hours of power for continuous, all-day use*
  • A 30-minute quick charge provides five additional hours of wear time

*Run time measurements based on 60% of the fitting range (P) and 80% of the fitting range (SP). The actual battery runtime is determined by battery quality, hearing loss, sound environment, usage and activated feature set.

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