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Advanced motion sensor technology

Last update on Aug, 25, 2021

Miracle-Ear hearing aid technology makes it easier than ever to hear on the move. When pairing your hearing aids to your Miracle-Ear app, you’re able to take advantage of motion information provided by your smartphone’s motion sensors. This advanced technology allows your hearing aids to recognize if you’re on the move and adjust settings to provide the most natural hearing experience based on your environment and situation.

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Hear clearly in the car

One great example of when motion sensor technology is extremely effective is while in the car - this is especially true when motion sensor technology works in tandem with directional microphones. Cars are a challenging listening environment because ordinary means of improving speech understanding in noisy environments are ineffective. Typically, traditional directional microphones suppress sounds that come from behind or from the sides and focus on the front - where speech sounds usually come from. But while in the car, you often have conversations with people behind or next to you.

Luckily, using motion detection and many complex signal-processing algorithms, your hearing aid (with the help of the Miracle-Ear app and your smartphone) can analyze the noise pattern and determine that you’re riding in a car. As soon as the app recognizes you’re in the car, the directional microphone automatically engages and steers to focus on the speaker - whether they are in front of, behind, or to the side of you. It also suppresses noise from other directions, allowing you to easily follow conversations in the car without turning your head. This is especially important if you’re the driver.

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How to activate motion detection

It’s easy to activate this feature on your phone and in your Miracle-Ear app. First, you must pair your hearing aids to your smartphone via Bluetooth. You then need to open your app and grant it access to your phone’s location information and motion and activity information. Do this by going to the privacy settings on your smartphone and activating location services and fitness tracking. Once this is activated, the Bluetooth connection between your hearing aids and your smartphone will optimize your hearing experience via your Miracle-Ear app while you’re in motion.

Other benefits of the Miracle-Ear app

Using the Miracle-Ear app makes life with hearing aids easier than ever. Discover the other features:

Feature 1: Sound exposure

Thanks to this feature you can track your exposure to noise and take better care of your hearing health.

Feature 2: TV

Enjoy high-quality sound streamed directly to your hearing aids using the TV streamer. Adjust the volume using your MEcontrol app.

Feature 3: Phone calls

Stream phone calls directly from your smartphone to your hearing aids for a seamless, convenient experience.

Feature 4: Music

Stream your favorite music directly to your hearing aids for an excellent listening experience.

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Miracle-Ear TV streamer

TV Streamer

Enjoy high-quality sound from the TV or other audio sources directly to your hearing aids. The TV streamer connects to multiple wearers at the same time and you can personally adjust the volume to your own preferences.

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