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Maureen's Hearing Journey

Last update on May, 30, 2019

For over five years Maureen asked people to repeat themselves. She missed conversations. She turned up the volume on the TV. She disliked talking on the phone.

Then she began planning what she calls, “the trip of a lifetime.” That’s when she turned to Miracle-Ear® to help solve her hearing problem. 

“The Miracle-Ear consultant was kind, understanding, and so helpful,” she says. “I explained that I was making a trip to Ireland. And I was leaving soon!”

Maureen ordered her Miracle-Ear hearing aids immediately.

“I was so excited that I could hear so well. I realized just how much I had been missing in my life,” says Maureen. “I was so happy. I tell everyone how happy I am with my Miracle-Ear hearing aids, and how helpful Miracle-Ear was in going the extra mile in helping me get fit quickly — and helping me hear again.”

I was making a trip to Ireland with four generations of my family. I wanted to be able to hear the tour
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