The future of hearing has arrived: Introducing Miracle-EarBLISS™!

iRIC rechargeable Bluetooth hearing aid

Last update on Aug, 25, 2021

Introducing the iRIC hearing aid by Miracle-Ear. This rechargeable Bluetooth hearing aid features a fashion forward design that fits discreetly behind your ear. Make a statement and hear it, too. For the first time ever, discover a hearing aid that looks as good as it performs. This isn’t a traditional hearing aid; it’s the latest in hearing aid technology – impossibly discreet with the most natural sound.

Start hearing again with out compromising your style

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Sleek, modern design that looks as good as it sounds


Integrated Bluetooth for seamless wireless connection


Built-in power source and portable charger for convenience

Clearly understand every compliment

iRIC features innovative technology so it delivers all the benefits of our best technology ever, including:

  • Incredibly natural sound quality
  • Direct wireless streaming
  • Patented Voice Recognition Technology
  • Convenience of rechargeability
  • Real-time sound processing

A new charging paradigm

iRIC makes charging your hearing aids easier and more convenient than ever. The charging case is small, modern, and portable, so you never have to worry about batteries or losing power again. And it couldn’t be easier to use: Simply drop the hearing aids in the case and take it with you wherever you go!

The easy-to-use charging case provides:

  •  Intuitive LED indicators
  • Three full days of on-the-go charging
  • 30 minute “quick-charge” for five additional hours of power
  • Just three hours of charging provides up to 19 hours of continuous use

iRIC accessories

Miracle-Ear charger fits in a man's pocket

Inductive charger

The Inductive charger is our sleek, portable charger that offers a quick charge or full charge for all-day use.

Discover our portable chargers
Women and man watching tv and wearing hearing aids

TV Streamer

Enjoy high-quality Dolby Digital® sound from the television or other audio sources directly to direct streaming hearing aids. The TV Streamer connects to multiple wearers at the same time, and you can adjust the volume to your own preferences.

Our TV Streamer
Couple on Miracle-Ear app

Miracle-Ear App

The Miracle-Ear app turns your Apple® or Android® device into a remote control for your direct streaming hearing aids. You can easily and discreetly adjust the volume, change listening programs, check battery status and evaluate your levels of sound exposure throughout the day. Just drop the hearing aids in, and the charger does the rest.

Download the Miracle-Ear App
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