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5 Things to love about modern hearing aid technology

Last update on Apr, 08, 2021

Forget big, bulky and beige —hearing aids have come a long way in recent decades. You might be surprised at the amazing things modern hearing aid technology can accomplish. Yes, they’re designed to help you hear —better and more clearly (and they do that quite well)—but the technology in new hearing aids doesn’t stop there.

The most modern hearing aids leverage cutting-edge technology to keep us connected to the people, places and activities we love most. Whether you’re just starting to consider hearing aids or are thinking about an upgrade, here are five surprisingly cool benefits of new hearing aid technology.

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1. Stream sound directly from your devices

Watching the morning news over coffee, listening to music while jogging, connecting with grandkids on FaceTime—technology is deeply woven into the fabric of modern living. Today’s hearing aids now use Bluetooth technology to wirelessly stream sound from your favorite devices directly to your hearing aid—no intermediary device needed. You can also pair your hearing aids with multiple devices and switch over whenever you need to.

You can pair your Bluetooth hearing aids with practically any device with Bluetooth capability: cell phones, tablets, TVs and laptops. Once connected, your Bluetooth hearing aids let you:

  • Stream music during workouts (no headphones or earbuds needed!)
  • Stream TV and phone calls with minimal sound distortion/feedback
  • Adjust hearing aid programs and settings, right from your phone or tablet
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Bonus: Binaural hearing aid streaming

While many Bluetooth hearing aids only stream sounds to one ear, Miracle-Ear technology streams directly to both ears. This technology, called binaural direct streaming, helps you hear more naturally. Streaming with binaural hearing aids improves speech comprehension while still preserving the ability to hear sounds from your environment (ex. the doorbell rings while you’re talking on the phone).

2. Don’t worry about batteries anymore.

In this fast-paced, high-tech world, hearing aid batteries can slow you down. Get up to speed with one of the coolest new hearing aid technologies. Rechargeable hearing aids eliminate the time, stress and cost of dealing with disposable batteries. (Take note: two digital hearing aids eat up an average of 300 (or more!) batteries in a three-year time span.)

Miracle-Ear’s fully rechargeable hearing aids last 19-24 hours on a single charge, thanks to its powerful lithium-ion technology. Simply charge overnight and you’re ready to go. They’re even equipped to handle hours of high-demand tasks, such as wireless streaming—a feature known to drain disposable battery power.

Rechargeable receiver-in-canal hearing aid

Did you know?

Miracle-Ear’s rechargeable hearing aids use lithium-ion technology, which boasts several important advantages over other types of rechargeable batteries.

Rechargeable hearing aids

3. Get lasting relief from tinnitus.

Do you hear ringing, buzzing or humming in your ears? The name for this frustrating sensation is tinnitus, and if you have it, then chances are you also have some degree of hearing loss. In fact, nine out of ten people with tinnitus also have noise-induced hearing loss.

Fortunately, a great deal of modern hearing aid technology is designed to give you lasting treatment and relief from tinnitus. For example, your hearing aid can be custom-programmed with different sound therapy options, such as static noise or ocean waves, to help distract you from the noise and mask the ringing.

Notch Therapy is another fascinating new development that’s available in some of today’s hearing aids for tinnitus (including Miracle-Ear). This type of treatment actually trains the brain over time to ignore the sound. It does so by identifying the frequency at which your specific tinnitus occurs, then turning the volume down for sounds at that frequency. Learn more about how you may be able to treat tinnitus symptoms with new hearing aid technology. 

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4. Hear your own voice with a natural sound.

If you already wear hearing aids, then you may have noticed that the sound of your own voice sounds different than what you’re used to. Luckily, some of today’s newest hearing aids can finally solve this common complaint. Miracle-Ear hearing aids does this with state-of-the-art Voice Recognition Technology, which uses a unique dual-processing method to make your voice sound as natural as possible.

So how does new voice recognition technology work in hearing aids? When your hearing care professional fits you for your hearing aid, this technology pinpoints the location of your mouth and hearing aids, and detects when you are speaking. Within just seconds, the technology actually “learns” your voice so that it can be processed separately from other sounds whenever you’re speaking. The result? You’ll sound more like yourself—and the sounds around you will be optimized, too.

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5. Enjoy music and the outdoors like never before.

Music and hearing aids: Do they clash or complement each other? Music lovers will be happy to hear that some modern hearing aids include technology specifically engineered to handle the complexities of different music environments. Miracle-Ear hearing aids offer an innovative Music Master program, complete with three settings:

  • Concert: optimized for live performances
  • Playback: designed for listening to recorded music
  • Performer: specifically tailored for singers and musicians

And while the great outdoors boasts its own beautiful soundtrack, hearing aid wearers often complain about one particularly pesky outside noise: wind . Previous hearing aid solutions did find ways to block out wind interference, but they often dampened speech sounds, too—not very helpful if you’re golfing with friends or taking a nature hike with family.

Miracle-Ear technology fixes this issue with Wireless Windscreen . This feature doesn’t just block out wind noise—it actually swaps it with a more desirable sound, such as your friend’s voice, from the other hearing aid. And it does this while also preserving spatial perception, so you can still detect where in your environment that other sound is coming from.

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